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Hello all:

Somebody gave me an IBM Netvista desktop computer (8305Y1G) with Windows
2000 on it. I upgraded to Windows XP Professional. But the USB ports don't
work with a Kingston flash drive (no indication of the presence of such an
E: drive at all). Whether this situation existed already with W 2000, I
don't know. I would be grateful for any hint or advise you may have. (W 2000
seems to have had problems with the Netvistas, at least according to the
Lenovo website, which has no info on USB issues in W XP.)


Re: USB problem

Petrus Tax wrote:
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NetVista M42 8305, and this is a NetVista M42 motherboard.

According to this, it uses an Intel 845G chipset.

This is a motherboard with similar component parts. The
845G on this one, uses ICH4 for a Southbridge. ICH4 may
have a part number, like 82801DB on top of it. In the
picture in the first link above, the Southbridge would be
in the upper right of that picture - large, with no heatsink
on top of it.

Another way to get some hardware info, is to use CPUZ. It
can read out some chipset info.

In terms of the possibility of failure, there was a warning
a few years back, of ESD (electrostatic discharge) issues with
ICH4 and ICH5 Intel chips. We've seen the results of ICH5 failures,
but I've yet to run into someone who actually has problems with
the ICH4.

With WinXP and at least SP1 installed, you should see an
"Enhanced" entry in the USB section of Device Manager. That
tells you a USB2 logic block is present and detected in
the Southbridge. If the "ports are blown" (damaged by static),
then the chip may be blissfully unaware when something is plugged
into a USB slot.

You can use UVCView, to see if anything appears when a USB
device is plugged in. This archive site, has saved copies of
the Microsoft utility, for download. Clicking one of the
dated links, should immediately start an .exe download. /*/

If it was my board, I'd boot my Linux LiveCD, and test the USB
with that. If the same symptoms are evident (plug in USB
device, run "lsusb" in a terminal window, and nothing is
present), I'd have to conclude the ports are damaged.

A quick fix, is to purchase a PCI USB2 add-in card, and plug
that into an available PCI slot. That would cost in the
region of $10, depending on what chip it uses. While NEC
chips are good for compatibility, they also have been
known to "blow ports" as well. But when NEC ports blow, it
only affects one port at a time. So some people have
NEC 4 port cards, with a couple blown ports, and a couple
that still work.


Re: USB problem

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many thanks for your detailed information. I am going to try out
your suggestions and will report back to this group.


Re: USB problem

Hello Paul (and also Eser):

Thank you again for the info and advice. Here is a follow-up:
I started with the end of Paul's advice. Since I had a usb hub card
available, I installed it and the usb ports worked fine. It seems that the
chip is blown. Being too old (almost 80 years young) to check out things
further, I tend to be pragmatic and decided to tape over the usb ports of
the mobo.

Just to add another thing: I also noticed that the built-in NIC didn't work:
it had the yellow "?" in the Device Manager. I downloaded both available Net
Vista drivers from the Lenovo website, but neither fixed the problem. Thus I
uninstalled the built-in Ethernet Controller and installed an external NIC.
The yellow "?" is gone. I taped over this port too.

Thus for about $ 15 in other parts I could rescue this still very fine older

Many thanks again.


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Re: USB problem

Try connecting to another usb socket that might work if not then it
might be
your cable or you can try reinstalling the drivers

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