Usb pen drive invisible

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I am not able to access my usb pen drive or indeed my usb mp3 player through
'My Computer'.

I have windows XP sp 2 installed.The problem seems to have arisen since I
upgraded my motherboard/CPU from a Asus P3V4X/Pentium III 800 mhz Slot 1 to
an Asrock AM2NF3VSTA/Athlon 64 3200+. I did a repair windows install. I have
installed the latest m/b usb drivers and flashed the bios to the latest

Whenever I plug my pen drive, it correctly shows "safely remove" icon in the
taskbar but My Computer does not show USB drive letter. Other usb devices
(Canon camera and Epson scanner) work ok through their own software.

If I want to access the Pen drive I can do a work around through admin
tools - disk management. Here I can see the drive and assign a letter to it
and access it from within this program. The drive remains invisible in My

Does anyone know how can I solve this problem ? thanks, Neddy

Re: Usb pen drive invisible

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See if it`s registered in computer management.
Rt/click My Computer/Manage /Disk management...

Re: Usb pen drive invisible

Your problem is probably caused by repairing windows instead of doing a fresh
Of the 2 c2duo Asrock boards that I've installed, both suffered niggly &
intermitant faults including usb problems,
which a fresh install cured.

Re: Usb pen drive invisible

On Tue, 18 Sep 2007 20:32:12 GMT, "bren"

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What exactly do you mean by "access it"?

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When you see these volumes in Disk Management, do they show
as having a valid filesystem?  If not, that would account
for lack of listing in My Computer.  You might now take them
to another known properly-working system to see if that
system can see the drive/filesystem/files, or not.  If there
is nothing of value on the pen drive or MP3 player, you
might try reformatting them.  Some such devices have special
utilities to do the formatting, I try to avoid those so I
dont' know if  trying to initiate a manual  format could
cause any problems, thus I suggest you investigate this per
your particular make and model of products.

If all else fails, check Device Manager, then removing the
USB entries and letting windows redetect then upon reboot,
then supplying the drivers.  

Re: Usb pen drive invisible

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Re: Usb pen drive invisible

Same here, I changed, my motherboard, and did some violence to windows
reinstalling the original system disk over an sp2 installation (I did
not want to start from scratch), hence re-installing the SP2.

I got a ton of error message of course for the dll versions, but in
the end evriting did work, but that: the USB pen drive are not

The funny thing is that explorer and the Creative driver of my mp3
player were not seeing any usb drive, while i could:
- mount them assigning a letter by hand with the system management
tool from control panel
- access the disk from a DOS window!
- acces the files with other programs, e.g. I use xplorer2 and it uses
the disk wioth no problem

the funny thing is that if I had the tree view disabled I could type
say "F:" in the url field and access the file content even from
explorer, but as soon as I would expand the tree view in the same
windowm explorer would not know any more how to deal with that device,
posibbly not knowing her to locate it in its tree

Now I have fixed it using the hint given above. Summarizing from MS KB
you see that if you open the registry and delete the two keys

UpperFilters and LowerFilters


E325 11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

it wotrks agina as it should.

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