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i bought a usb mp3 pen drive (512MB), it worked fine the first time i
used it.i used the CD to install the drivers and other utilities. i
copied WMA and mp3 from WinXP on FAT32 and the gadget played the file.
Now i copied some files from a Win2000 on NTFS and the device refused
to recognize the files. I again mounted the drive and the damned
Win2000 prompted to format the device.
I tried to format it using FAT and it showed the free sapce to be 0MB,
used space was 497 MB
tried to format it using FAT and it showed the free sapce to be 19MB,
used space was 478 MB
format using NTFS, it showed the free sapce to be 228MB, used space was
268 MB

what do i need to do? i've tried chkdsk but no errors were found.

Re: usb mp3 player pen drive

On 26 Sep 2005 02:40:32 -0700, wrote:

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There is no reason why copying from Win2k (Or XP) should
matter, nor should the filesystem on the source device or
the OS HDD parititon.

"Something" else went wrong... I would suspect that you
unplugged the drive before the cache was completely flushed
to the drive-  Did you use the "remove drive" (or whatever
it's called) icon in the system tray?

How does your player require files to be uploaded?  Does it
use UMS (shows up like a drive volume for data transfer
purposes) or do you have to use a special software?

When it "refused to recognize the file", what exactly
happened?  For example, could you see the files on the drive
from within windows?  Was the free space taken up by the

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This would tend to support what I suggested previously, that
the drive was removed before the file copying was complete
and thus it was corrupted.

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What does "tried" above mean?
If you did not actually format it, do so to FAT (FAT16).
Does it then not show all free space?  

What does it show in (windows) Disk Management?

If necessary you could try deleting (then recreating) the
partition in Disk Management.

Why did you install drivers?  If it is meant to be a UMS
(shows up as a drive) in Win2k or XP, it should not need
drivers.  I would be wondering if the drivers are somehow
causing a problem, if the above doesn't work then you might
try removing the drivers and then retrying the thumbdrive
without them.

Re: usb mp3 player pen drive

Yes, the gadget uses UMS.
I didn't install any drivers. And when the player refused to recognize
the files, the windows prompted to format teh drive again.
Now I've formatted it to FAT16 in Win2000 (on NTFS), it still shows the
free space incorrectly and also shows used space (roughly half of the
full capacity).

I'll try using the firmware provided by the manufacturer.

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