USB mouse stops working

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Anybody seen this sort of problem elsewhere? I'd be grateful for any

I put together a PC using Intel DP35DP motherboard, 4Gb of RAM and a
pair of 320Gb Samsung SATA drives in RAID1, running Windows XP Pro SP3.
Not spectacular, but quick, quiet and stable for my purposes. All works
fine until I attached a different mouse. The new mouse wouldn't work,
but neither would the old one any more. I've experimented with four
different USB optical mice now, and the problem seems to be
reproducible. The first mouse works fine. Attach a second mouse, and
it's recognised correctly, installed, and I get a message telling me
that it's 'installed and ready for use'. But it ain't working. Device
manager shows the device 'working properly', and the power draw is 100
mA. The lights are on in the mouse. UVCView shows the mouse correctly
identified as 'USB Optical Mouse'. The only other USB device connected
is the keyboard. And the only way I've been able to get a working mouse
back is to reinstall Windows from scratch.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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