USB keyboard problems. TIA

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My keyboard female (motherboard side) connector has gone
dud so I bought a USB keyboard which works fine....except that
it does not allow me access to Bios. I have since been told that
I must make changes in Bios (Legacy) to have the USB keyboard accepted
by my motherboard. I'm in a "Catch 22" position here. Has anyone any
ideas of how I can get into BIOS...apart from buying a new m'board?
This keyboard is a Kensington HID  (whatever HID means) & having
looked at the Kensington site (unimpressive) there is no help there at
All help gratefully received. TIA

Re: USB keyboard problems. TIA

sandy58 wrote:
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It seems like an obvious question, but you haven't explicitly answered
it: Does your motherboard have any PS/2 ports?

Re: USB keyboard problems. TIA

On Tue, 8 Apr 2008 08:27:33 -0700 (PDT), sandy58

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How did the PS2 port go bad?  That is an unusual thing to
have happen.  Are you certain it wasn't the keyboard or
mouse connected that was malfunctioning and the port might
work still?

The other two alternatives are:

1)  Get the bios image, use bios modification tools to set
USB legacy keyboard support to enabled (IF the bios has such
an option).

2)  Get a PCI PS2 controller card, install, hook PS2
keyboard up to it.

HID means human interface device, it's just a generic
classification which has no real significance to your
Kensington keyboard, any USB keyboard would be considered a
HID type.

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