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A while back I bought a MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. Fine. Works,
suits my needs. The only problem was that my keyboard and (Logitech USB
mx610 cordless) mouse were not recognized when I used an Acronis rescue
disk. I updated the bios on the board (badly needed...F3 to F11) and all was

To get into the bios, I had to plug in an old PS/2 keyboard, even though all
the appropriate USB settings were set to allow the keyboard to work in 'DOS'
mode. So, the bios is updated, my Acronis issues are resolved, but wierdly
enough, I was able to get in the bios yesterday with the USB keyboard, but
not today.

All the appropriate settings are still enabled (i.e., USB 1.0
Controller:Enabled, USB 2.0 Controller:Enabled, USB Keyboard
Support:Enabled, USB Mouse Support:Enabled. There is no USB Legacy Support
setting, but according to Gigabyte, the Keyboard & Mouse Support settings
cover that (and then there's the fact that the keyboard works in Acronis
Rescue mode).

I have changed some of the settings, but none that should prevent the
keyboard from being recognized in 'DOS' (I think).

Any ideas? It's be nice not to have to plug in a PS/2 board everytime I
wanted to get into the bios.

BTW, what's happened to this group? It's overrun with spammers...

Thanks for any ideas,

Re: USB Keyboard & BIOS

Mikel Sunova wrote:
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If you have all the USB options enabled in the bios
and that does not do the trick

then get a USB to PS/2  *keyboard* adapter and just use the kb on the
ps/2 port

Re: USB Keyboard & BIOS

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Beware - only some keyboards will work through this. I tried my USB keyboard
through the USB-PS2 adapter and it didn't work.

Also, when you have the option of pressing F2 or Dell to enter the bios, the
USB keyboard is not yet activated - keep trying though as it will become
active before that screen goes away, just at the last second or two!

Re: USB Keyboard & BIOS

GT wrote:
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not all USB adapters are alike

the ones for mice and keyboards are different.

they look alike but should be labeled pictorially

Re: USB Keyboard & BIOS

Sorry for the delayed response. My posts weren't downloading here. At any
rate, the issue was indeed resolved by plugging the keyboard into a mobo
header. That's one practice I'll continue :).

That said, there's entirely too much spam here. They overwhelm the legit
messages in a big way. Too bad, seems a lot of helpful people post here, but
the spam is jut too irratating for me to consider returning. They sort of
defeat their own purpose, don't they?


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Re: USB Keyboard & BIOS

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As someone recently discovered in another group, make sure your keyboard is
plugged into a motherboard USB connector and not an accessory card type USB
or a USB hub.  Those may not be recognized until Windows has finished

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