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I have a Belkin USB with 4 ports as well as 4 USB ports at the rear and 2 at
the front of my computer. I have 8 USB items (graphics tablet, scanner,
printer, monitor, mouse, ZIP drive, broadband modem and a flash disc). This
is the second hub I have had in the last 4 years and have had this one for
around 1 year.
My question is this, can I have 2 USB cards in the computer? There is an
additional reason for having a hub apart from the lack of ports and that is
that the leads for both the scanner and printer are not long enough to reach
the computer so it is acting as an extension.
So, can I purchase extension cables or longer cables to avoid having to use
a hub if I can have more than one internal USB card?
Many thanks

Re: USB issues and queries

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006 10:21:30 -0000, "Borrox"

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Which of these are bus powered (no external power supply)?
I ask because you have 10 ports but only 8 devices, so power
may be an issue.... you don't write exactly why you seek USB
changes.  Is the belkin hub self powered (with adapter)?

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Yes, but did you already have one or did you want to add 2
of them at this point, or you are considering the
onboard/integral USB as one?  Perhaps it does not matter,
any of these configurations can work.

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Yes, extension or longer cables.  Seems like the limit is 15
feet total but I don't recall if that applies to all speeds.
It would be 15 ft to, or from a hub, not in total with the
hub in the middle of that 15'.  Avoid cables with built-in
LEDs [that blink on data activity], they can interfere with
proper function of the USB link.

Since you already have the hub, you might just keep using
it, or get another hub, and only string the one longer (or
extension) cable to reduce cable clutter over the longer
run... or not, I can't see your setup.

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