USB Issues?

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Hey all,

Not sure if this is 100% hardware issue, but whenever I plug in any
sort of USB memory device, it never shows up on my Windows XP
Explorer, whereas
on other PCs it does. However, it does show up on
my taskbar that the hardware
has been detected, then later there's an
icon down there that says "Safely
Remove Hardware", which
when I double click it has the device name. However,
this is useless
as it does not allow me to view the contents.

Is there
something I need to do to get it to show up on Windows
Explorer/My Computer?

Re: USB Issues?

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This is the known XP problem, the ignorance of Mass Storage have to either try a Windows Repair or at worst a
reinstall...............if you don't want to do any of this then download
and use ExplorerXP that will see the device.......... /

Re: USB Issues?

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Does it show up in the Device Mangler?  How about under Disk Management
(right click My Computer->Manage)?

If you've giving it a drive letter, then the letter is assigned to something
else, like a network share, you may not see the drive in Explorer, but it
will show up in Disk Management.

Re: USB Issues?

Hrm, well, does that include Ipods? XP doesn't seem to want to pick up
the ipod
either, at least not fully. I see it in Disk Management as
drive F:, but Itunes,
the program normally used to upload music to
the ipod, does not detect it.

on Microsoft for possibly forcing me to reinstall.

Re: USB Issues?

Kison wrote:
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Is there a hub involved? If so is it powered (it should be)?

Can you try another USB port, and see it it helps?

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