USB headset killed my sound

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Got a new Cyber Acoustics (AC-840) USB headset...plugging it in
rerouted the sound to the headphones just fine, but now I can't get the
regular speakers (through a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 card) to work at
all.  The headset still works, but when I unplug it, I can't figure out
a way to get the speakers to work again. (XP SP2)

I changed the settings in Sound and Audio Devices to the SB card
(that's the only option when the headphones aren't plugged in)

I reinstalled the SB drivers.

I uninstalled the drivers, removed the card, installed it in a
different slot, and started over from scratch.

I did a hatchet job on the registry, removing anything that remotely
looked like it might be in the way (USB Audio, as well as any Creative
items when I removed the card to reinstall)

I even disabled USB in the BIOS when none of that worked.

Anyone have any other places to look?  I'm about out of ideas...

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