USB Hard drive not showing up

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I have Lacie USB 2.0 harddrive.  It used to work fine.  I disconnected
and after reconnecting it, it does not show up with a drive letter.
The Device manager shows the the device as working properly.  I have
windows XP SP2

I have tried unplugging everything and shutting the computer down.
I have tried different usb ports.
I have tried removing the USB Mass Storage Device from the Device
Manager.  After I turn the hard drive on, windows will go through the
typical Found new hardware, Lacie Disk drive...etc.  Then eventually,
it will say your hard drive is ready to be used.  (on the system tray)
It seems to be recongnized but it still does not show up my list of
hard drives.  (It used to be my G: drive).

I am able to safely remove and re add the hardware by Removing it from
the usb icon the system tray.
I am able to view the properties from the 'Safely remove hardware'
screen. If I click on the Properties of the Maxtor 6Y160P0 USB Device
(which is my harddrive) and I select the volume tab, no information is
displayed.  If I select the Populate, I end up getting the following
message..."Volume information for this disk cannot be found.  This may
happen if the disk is a 1394 or a USB device on a Windows 2000

The hard drive is also not showing up in the Computer Management Disk
Manager.  Any thoughts on other things I can try or what might be the


Re: USB Hard drive not showing up

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although the drive might have failed...
it might be the USB interface...

you could try removing the drive and connecting it directly to an ide
to confirm or deny

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Re: USB Hard drive not showing up

philo wrote:
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how do I connect a usb hard drive to an IDE channel?

Re: USB Hard drive not showing up

I am not familiar with your drive, but most external USB drives are IDE drives
connected through a IDE to USB adapter in the external housing. Remove the drive
from the external housing and connect it to an IDE port on the motherboard.

Mark wrote:
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Re: USB Hard drive not showing up

Thanks, I'll removing the casing and see if the harddrive is IDE.  I
hope is specifies the jumper settings.  The drive does not show up at
all in the diskmgmt portion of the the mmc.  It's weird that in the
device manager, and USB safely remove hardware, the hard drive is seems
to functioning...

Re: USB Hard drive not showing up

I connected the drive via IDE.  It shows up in the Device Manager under
disk drives know, but I fear it may be dead.  If I selec the properties
of the disk drive under the Device Manager, and go the Volumes tab...If
I select Populate, the Type is Unknown, Status is Unreadable... The
drive also does not show up in the Disk Management of the MMC console.

Re: USB Hard drive not showing up

Start -> Run -> diskmgmt.msc
look if you can see your HDD there.
If you see it, but it has no letter, then right click on it and assign a new

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