USB hard drive diagnostics?

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I've recently picked up a 2.5" USB hard drive. Although the drive seems to
be working fine, I hear a head seek every few seconds, even when idle.

Most diagnostic software I find won't work unless the drive is connected to
the IDE controller inside the PC.

Can someone suggest some diagnostic software that will work with USB hard

FWIW, this is a Toshiba HDD2182 drive... 9.5mm, 40gig.


Re: USB hard drive diagnostics?

Noozer wrote:
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I don't think that's going to be possible and for the same reasons that you
can't get SMART info from a drive that's on a USB adapter. My conclusion after
experiencing that problem is that they haven't implemented the ISA bus interface
and/or the Intel SMBus. That may also be what's playing a role in preventing
HD's on those adapters from booting properly.

Some of these various adapters take a cheap shortcut such as the NetGear TCP/IP
printer server that my Epson is attached to. It's unidirectional and there's no
provision for reading from the printer. Therefore, I lost the capability to
check ink levels.


Re: USB hard drive diagnostics?

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You have indexing and System Restore enabled on the drive. Turn them off ,
and you'll find that the accessing will cease.


Re: USB hard drive diagnostics?

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Except I don't have either of those services running.

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