USB flash memory source needed

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I am trying to find suppliers of USB Flash Memory. I just want the
component with the memory installed, I do not want the complete stick.
I can find tons of suppliers of the finished product but I have not
been able to locate suppliers of the component itself. I have designed
some sticks and would like to purchase the components for them.

Can anyone direct me to some sources of supply?

Re: USB flash memory source needed

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Here is a list of Flash Memory Manufacturers;

Re: USB flash memory source needed

wasted wanderer wrote:
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There are NAND flash devices listed here. None are stock items, and there is
a minimum quantity stated in one of the right hand columns. Raw flash
devices may need a controller chip to go with them. ;keywords=nand%20flash

You could also try Mouser or Newark.

And the sci.electronics groups would be another place to ask the question,
if you haven't already.

Much better to actually list a part number, to give people some idea what
you are looking for. My link above is quite likely a total waste of your time.


Re: USB flash memory source needed

On Wed, 07 Nov 2007 17:00:10 -0000, wasted wanderer

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Can you elaborate on "component with the memory installed".

In addition to the flash chip, there's also the controller
chip, which I'm sure you already know since you're
designing, but it would seem you need something specific for
your design and we don't know those parameters.  It just
seems strange you have designed sticks but not having any
info on parts availability, or do you only mean you have
designed new case shapes?

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Also go to your preferred electronics houses, depending on
which continent you live on, and search for USB flash
controller and flash chips of the type you want.

One controller manufacturer is USBest,
Use their contact page, ask for samples
Similarly, in prototype stage you might be able to get
sufficient samples from many of the chip makers by just
asking them, but I doubt many would be interested in selling
only a small volume which is where the electronics houses
come in as the middleman.

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