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I have problems with the external harddisk connected by usb2, data transfer
is often interrupted, anyone has  a sloution, greetings, Michael.

Re: usb data transfer

The most obvious would be malware/ spyware issues that run in the
background and try to call out and all that. This is really a serious
issue if you are on a ADSL modem hooked up by USB cable instead of
through a cat5 Lan cable.

The other possibility would be that the external drive is not self
powered and must depend on the USB connection to supply its power.
Some external drives just require too much power to operate
effectively through a USB connection and will cause the USB
controller to shut down. This is also true if connected through a USB
hub device: although the drive will work in certain connectors, it may
not work in others.

Then there is the possibility that you are trying to use an external
drive that requires a USB 2.0 in a USB1.1 connector. While this
should work due to backward compatability of the USB design...It
doesn't because of the needed power drain for the external drive.

Some Dell computers(and other brands) are known to have USB
connectivity issues. Check the manufacturer's web site for patches.

Your computer may need a bios update

Warning*** A bios update may render your
computer useless if mis applied

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