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Is there anywhere that I can buy USB A male connectors?  All I want to
do is cut off the plug on the mouse I use with my laptop to shorten the
cable and then solder on a new USB A plug and new boot.


Re: USB Connector

boden wrote:
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Any number of places, I'm sure. Assuming that you want to minimize the
overall cost you might try Mouser Electronics first since they are one
of the few companies around that will ship cheap components the cheapest
way -- stick them in an envelope and mail them to you. shows one possible connector
type for $0.61 but I'm sure that there are some others in their online

Of course, if you are a fanatically neat worker and solder well you
could simply cut out a section of the cable and then splice the ends
together. With a piece of heatshrink over the joint and with the
internal solder joints staggered to minimize the diameter it should be
quite unobtrusive.
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: USB Connector

On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 16:55:13 -0500, boden

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You are attacking the wrong end.

Open the mouse and shorten the other end.
It's either hard-soldered to the board, or terminates in
something like a plastic shelled SIP pin header.  If it's
too much trouble to graft the wires back together, just take
some desoldering wick, pump or whatever and pull off the
original socket and solder the shortened cord wires straight
to the circuit board through the same holes.

The result will be easier, much neater, and possibly
sturdier.  Further, mice often wear at the point where the
cord enters the body so if you're cutting off that segment
it gets rid of the weakest link.

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