USB client server?

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 I am not a hardware person and I was trying to make my cell phone
save files directly onto an external USB micro drive
 Someone was telling me you can not do that. THat you can transfer
files from the cell phone to or through a computer, but not directly
to the USB drive
 I remember someone transferring files from her cell phone to a drive
and I have reasons to believe it was not using another computer
 How do people do that? Is this what Beoful is for?

Re: USB client server?

On 2 Feb 2007 03:01:22 -0800, wrote:

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The cell phone would have to support that specifically,
otherwise the cell phone is just acting as a dumb card
reader that needs a host (computer), the same mode as the
USB drive would be in so you'd have no host.

Re: USB client server? wrote:
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It really depends upon the phone.  What "someone" was telling you
is that many phones act as a USB storage device.  That is, they
are only designed to be plugged into a device that can manage
USB storage devices (e.g. a computer).  Likewise, some phones
can act as a USB modem (mine does)... again, the idea being
that you connect it to something like a computer.

However, some phones are more pda-like or more like
miniature computers... and in those cases, it is possible
that they can have a storage device attached to them via
USB.  However, this is certainly not the majority case

Re: USB client server?

Chris Cox wrote:
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There is also the USB OTG (on-the-go) standard. This device, for
example, is dual-role. It is a USB hard drive enclosure, but
it apparently can also "pull" files from a digital camera.
So it can be host, or it can be a peripheral.

More versions here. /

So the question would be, what standard does the cellphone
use. Is it a USB Mass Storage device ?

I don't know what level of granularity one of those OTG
devices offers - whether it pulls everything from the
other device, or offers the ability to select individual


Re: USB client server?

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 I see now. It was her case!
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 Very interesting! and the thing is being sold for $30 on ebay!
 I think bottom line is that cell phones are able to transfer data
(even digital pictures) in and out.
 So, it shouldn't be that hard to transfer data to a disk, or a very
small disk-like device ...

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