"USB cable to link 2PC's....

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 ...for transfering files from one PC to another".  Package was made in
China, NO INSTRUCTIONS. There are so many different drivers on the CD I
have no idea which are specific to this unit.

The questions I have are complicated and are SPECIFIC to this
particular brand,  TUM.

ANYONE who knows of this "TUM" brand Usb cable linking system  may be
able to help.

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Re: "USB cable to link 2PC's....

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one option is to just let the installer search the entire cd

the other option would be to manually point the installer to the right

it would probably be marked drivers...
then use the subfolder that matches your operating system

if there are several more subfolders...
just try them one at a time

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Re: "USB cable to link 2PC's....

philo wrote:
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can't get them linked! I believe it's because I can't have TWO PC's running at
the same time unless I get a VGA Splitter Box.  Am I heading towards the right
direction ????   Or am I missing something?


Re: "USB cable to link 2PC's....

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There are a couple possibilities.

One set of software for that technology, has a "file transfer dialog"
box at each end of the machine. You select files to transfer by
using the application that provides the "file transfer dialog".

The other kind of solution, is the drivers you installed are a
networking stack. That means they support full TCP/IP. Now, there
is a downside to that. Your computer probably already had a networking
setup, so Windows thinks the network is on your Ethernet cable or
the like. You need a mechanism to specify that the PCLinq cable
is the network, and not your Ethernet. Then, file sharing has to
be set up on each computer, just like the computers were
connected by Ethernet.

I found some manuals for a Prolific chip based product before.
There are some URLs in this posting, for PDF manuals documenting
what to do. It could be that your CD has the same kind of PDF
files. So either read the files mentioned here, or get them
off your CD:


I'll repeat the links here, just in case:

   These were from: http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=29





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