USB cable linking two PC's, again!

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This is an addendum, the second step if you will,  to a former post
several days ago.

 I'm connecting two PC's on my desk,  via a USB Link Cable, so that I
might be able to transfer files between one PC and the other.

A:   I plugged in the ends of the USB Link Cable, each  into
guaranteed, tested,  working USB ports  of both PC's.

B:   I loaded the same required drivers .to each PC. The Cable Link
desktop icon showed up as expected on both PC's desktops. Clicking on
the icon brings up the Explorer-type page showing all the files, etc.

C:   I closed everything down,  and then rebooted ONLY ONE of the PC's
 I click the icon, and the Explorer-type page comes up showing the
various files, and it appears that everything is good to go!

D:  Then I I turned that PC OFF and booted  the other, and did  the
same thing- Success!!!

E: So far, both PC's appear good to go..everything working fine.

F: But,  when I boot up BOTH PC's at the sem time or one by one, for
some odd reason, I cannot get BOTH explorer-type pages to come up on
the desktop.  There appears to be a dominant PC, among the two, and
only that one PC shows up on the desktop. And I never know which one is
which until I read the files and guess which PC it is.

G: Further, I'm not sure that BOTH PC's COULD run at one time, There's
no way I can tell. When I boot both PC's together, do they both
complete the boot, or the first one to boot, stops the second one. Am I
grabbing at straws??

Question: How can I get the both PC's booted so that  both
explorer-type pages show on the desktop so I can start swapping files.?
 Do I also need a VGA splitter?   Should I have booted up Netmeeting?
Just grasping at straws.

This has been trying to become my nemesis, and I'm not going to let it
happen. It will be solved somehow, somewhere!

Thanks so much for any help!

Picture Rocks, AZ

Re: USB cable linking two PC's, again!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

From memory you must connect and load the drivers for one end first.

I recall with my GeneLink set up I had to connect one end first and load the
software drivers for that comp...........when that comp was OK I connected
the other to the other comp and loaded its driver.


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