URGENT - Pls help...pls recommend - laptop purchase

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URGENT - Pls help...pls recommend - laptop purchase

I am in the SF Bay Area, California.

My laptop died suddenly so I am in need of a new laptop urgently -
like today if poss.
I cannot wait for more than a week or so for delivery etc.
Windows laptop preferably ( not mac)

Please let me know your recommendations for a RELIABLE, Sturdy

My main requirements are as follows:
- as fast as poss ( I hate it when it hangs or runs slowly)
- as lightweight as poss

The following are the main programs I use
- gmail, yahoo mail etc
- MS Word, Notepad or pdf doc
- MS Outlook

Typically I have about 6 to 7 Mozilla/ Firefox pages open and  MS
Outlook and  Word or Notepad open - all day - open all at once- at any
point in time.
So I use quite a bit of resources.

My Budget is as follows:
prefer around US $1000 ( if the laptop is on sale)

But could go as high as US $1500 or so

Since I am not a techie, I would prefer a very simple plug and play

Would like a well known sturdy  branded laptop.

Do not need the following
I do not need features for games, graphics, entertainment etc. etc.
Just a fast, lightweight sturdy laptop.

Would any one pls recommend a laptop based on the above.
Which brand ? What model #?  Approx price ? Where to buy it ?

Thanks in advance,

Irfan Smith

Re: URGENT - Pls help...pls recommend - laptop purchase

irfansmith@gmail.com wrote:
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Urgent, then the big box stores are about your only help.
I've got a Dell and find it pretty good, and so was Dell, but that was
almost 3 years ago.  But its durable and has been a workhorse.  You can
buy HP, Dell, Compaq which are brand names.  Lenovo is a name I see
popping up lately, but not sure about quality.

As for all you needs, I think its going to be tough to advise you.
Most any manufacturer puts junk in the system, and most PC's have games/
entertainment now as a feature, everyone is playing with digital cameras
etc.   Vista usually comes with all, and that really is 'pretty'.
Dollar wise you should have no issue.   And plug and play is all you get

As for slow and hanging, that's a factor of how you use the system and
what you load on it.   Any PC freshly loaded out of the box is faster
than 2 months later, and a bad choice of software can effect the PC.

I can recommend some items however, just suggestions, not demands.  Get
memory.   Its worth the money, 2 GIG minimum.  If you have room for only
2 chips, buy one 2 gig, so you can add more later.   I like my built in
bluetooth, it allows me to use a wireless bluetooth mouse without one of
those USB dongles plugged in.   Those things are just an accident
waiting to happen when you sling laptops around on your legs in a chair.
   Buying from a big box store has the luxury of seeing before you buy,
however I bought my Dell sight unseen.  (kind of a contradiction huh).

Word may come on the laptop but at a premium, if you have your own copy
then just load it when you get it.   Notepad and PDF viewers are a dime
a dozen, even Adobe reader can be download after the fact.

Watch for weight when you buy, as some are still bricks.   The size of
the screen can go from as low as 15.4 to 17" now, and possibly bigger,
but at the price of weight.

Its all a personal preference, I hate to say anything since my ideas (as
you can see) are based on my preferences and maybe you don't care about
a usb wireless mouse adapter hanging out the side.    Maybe you want a
huge 17" screen.    I've seen little 14" screens too, I wouldn't want

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