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I'm not a cpu/hardware specialist, but I would like to have your opinion on
a point.
We have currently installed an application that is requiring those servers
(only the windows part) :
    2 servers with at least : 2 cpu 3Ghz and 4 Go RAM
    2 servers with at least : 4 cpus and 4 Go RAM

For putting in place that configuration, my company decided to use VM Ware
to virtualize resources and make easy all the upgrades in the future.
So, they have bought 3 physical servers with that configuration :
    2 CPU Xeron quad core 3 Ghz
    8/12 Go RAM

They said us that it is the same than having on each servers 8 cpus ...
For the RAM, I've no doubt as this is easy to order some more. My doubts are
mainly around CPU resources.
So, to install our environment, they've done that :

Virtual Server Farm (6 cpus - 24 cores - 24 Go RAM) on which they will
create virtual servers with :
    2 servers with 2 cores assigned and 4 Go RAM
    2 servers with 4 cores assigned and 4 Go RAM

So, for our architects team, they tell us that this is responding exactly to
the configuration recommended by our editor.

I would like to have your opinion regarding that as our software provider is
asking us if all our hardware is OK, and before our response, I'd like to
have other opinions.
In my mind : 1 cpu with 4 cores isn't the same thing at all than 4 cpus ...
On my mind, the multi cores cpu is to be considered as bonus for
multithreaded applications, but not more than that.

Also, on my opinion, there is some other warning points, even if 1 cpu 4
cores is the same than 4 "standard" cpus :
    - If one cpu is out of order, then, the impact will affect more
resources :
            In the case we choose 4 distinct cpus, when 1 of them is out, we
only lose performances on ONE OF OUR SERVERS, and with only 25% loss of
            In the case we choose 1 cpu 4 cores, if the cpu is down, then it
will affect WHOLE THE SERVER at 100% or a little bit on all the servers, but
we'll then lose more than 25%

I'm interested by all your recommandations ...
Thanks in advance and sorry to have a such long post, but I wanted to give
you all the elements regarding my question

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