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I hope that some expert on here will shine some light and lead this
semi-blind person ;-)

We run a small company and have 6 "key machines" - PCs that have file
systems, source code control, etc.  They are connected by one network

We are in leased offices and now and again the electricity "recycles".
Also, being in the middle of a major city, the odd "helpful" person now
and again puts something through the power line and we lose power for a
long time.

What we would like is the following:

1) the servers continue during "blips" in the power supply
2) when a longer power interruption occurs, the UPS informs the servers
to shut down

On the last point, we have seen options where there is "one USB lead"
which we presume tells one server to shut down - is there anyway that
that server can then notify the others (are machines are 5 Windows
Server and 1 Solaris) or notify the network to broadcast or something

Please feel free to ask if I have not provided enough information.

Many thanks


Re: UPS Solution for small business

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Go to
and look at what's available. Your problem seems to me to be
that the machines are scattered all over the place and this would make a
central solution very costly. Separate UPS' would be the simplest solution.
Each one could then shut down it's own machine. I would suggest you buy
6 identical devices sized to the heaviest load to simplify maintenance.
Solutions that shut down multiple machines are geared towards centralized
instances, which your description implies you don't have. If that is
then there are solutions for centralized machines also.

Re: UPS Solution for small business

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Actually, 5 of the machines are located next to each other, the sixth
(an online, onsite backup) is in a different room.

Is this what you meant by "centralised" and if so, does the above fact
change the recommendation i.e. can one UPS support the 5 co-located
machines and how does it notify them to close down?



Re: UPS Solution for small business

On 2 Oct 2006 07:35:57 -0700,

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Choose the complimentary UPS product and software from your
choice of manufacturers.  You'll have to determine the
target current and uptime then select among products with
this kind of software support.  An example (and browse
around their 'site).

Re: UPS Solution for small business

This device will do what you want

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