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Re: upgrade, replace or clean heatsink?

Grinder wrote:
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I think Thufir is using 661GX integrated video and the VGA connector
on the back of his motherboard.

With an AGP video card (like say a 6200 for about $40), that might
be slightly improved upon. The 6200 even has both a VGA and DVI
connector, for usage with modern LCD monitors. It's not a
card for 3D gaming, but it is likely better than a 661GX,
because it isn't UMA. They may not make these for much longer.



Re: upgrade, replace or clean heatsink?

On 9/28/2010 3:50 AM, Paul wrote:
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Also, it seems that AGP cards have fallen to the iffier manufacturers.
I see that you picked out an EVGA card, what's your experience been with

Re: upgrade, replace or clean heatsink?

On Tue, 28 Sep 2010 09:07:26 -0500, Grinder wrote:

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Reliability isn't of particular concern, personally.

Does it matter whether it's 64bit or 32bit?  Everything else is 32 bit.


Re: upgrade, replace or clean heatsink?

Thufir Hawat wrote:
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On video cards, the bit width refers to the width of the memory array.
In this case, it's a 64 bit wide memory made from DDR2 chips (cheap).

Array widths vary from say, about 32 bits (a sideport memory), up to
perhaps 512 bits (high end gamer card memory). It gives a measure
of available memory bandwidth. That particular number is not
affected by the choice of OS (Windows/Linux/32bit/64bit etc).
It has nothing to do with instruction execution. The memory
array is "private" to the GPU.

The clock rate of the memory is also a factor. and the product of
clock rate times array width, gives the memory bandwidth available.
On the extremely wide memories, the memory is actually accessed as four
different banks, so you would find four different transactions
going on at the same time to the memory.

For bandwidth numbers, look in the "Mem BW" column here.


GeForce 6200 AGP      NV43      nVidia      300      275      8.8 <---

A bandwidth of 8.8GB/sec is pretty low, but that bandwidth would
hopefully be higher than what is available to the 661GX. The
GTX480 gamer card is 177GB/sec for comparison. My old ATI 9800 Pro AGP
(which would be fine if you could find one for sale) was 21.76GB/sec,
which is a little bit higher than the 6200. The difference is, you
can still buy the 6200. My 9800 Pro had a fan and draws more power
than a 6200 would.

There are more modern AGP cards (bridged designs using Rialto or
HSI bridge chips), but then the issue is drivers (at least in Windows).
Perhaps if you have a recent Linux distro, something more modern
would also be an option.

Your motherboard can use AGP or PCI video cards, but the AGP card
would have 1066MB/sec slot bandwidth (communications rate between
processor/memory and GPU), versus only 133MB/sec for PCI. You don't
want a PCI video card. I own one, and it is painfully slow for
pixmap updates.

As far as I know, there won't be an issue with the AGp card slot.
AGP slots are keyed to prevent voltage mismatches. Your board should
support 4X cards, and I don't expect it'll have a problem fitting
a card. The 6200 is universal as far as I know. More info on that
is available here. I look at the picture of the card in Newegg
photos first, verify it has two slots cut in the edge, and that
makes the "Universal AGP 3.0 Card" one.


NVIDIA GeForce 6200     Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Card or
                         Universal AGP 3.0 Card

SiS661                  Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Motherboard


Re: upgrade, replace or clean heatsink?

Grinder wrote:
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I may have one EVGA here, and it was OK. When you're down in the $40 range,
virtually any of the manufacturers could put bad caps on their card. To prevent
getting suckered, I'd go by whether the reviews are clean or not. One of the
other cards got a higher rating, but it only has a VGA connector on it.
I think it's worth the risk, to take the second best card, and get two


Re: upgrade, replace or clean heatsink?

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is $30, including shipping, good for:

I also have an Intel Pentium 4 p4 3.06 GHz 533 533M 478 512KB SL6S5

While I couldn't find much info, the seller indicated that the CPU was
rare, and, for my motherboard, the best(?).



Re: upgrade, replace or clean heatsink?

Thufir wrote:
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It was the first processor with Hyperthreading (one physical core and
one virtual core). I would say it's relatively common, as it was a
top of the line at the time it was offered. When Hyperthreading is
enabled, you should see two processor traces in Task Manager (in
Windows). If you have Win98, then Win98 only supports one core,
so the second (virtual) core wouldn't be visible.


I don't know what the price was on the day it was introduced, but
it was certainly a lot more than $30 back then.


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