Updating CPU on Compaq Armada E500

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Hi, I've got an Armada e500 I'd like to update as a gift.

Updating the RAM is obvious, but its clock speed is .7 Ghz.  Can this
be updated for a reasonable price?

I've also got a Cisco Aironet 350 wireless LAN card, but it's running
at only 11 Mps rather than, say, a newer Dell, which is at 54.  Is the
CPU affecting this, or is it the card?

Thanks as always

Re: Updating CPU on Compaq Armada E500

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The card. Wireless "b" (802.11b) is 11mbps, where wireless
"g" (802.11g) is 54mbps. Though almost all "g" cards support the "b"
standard, and under certian conditions (weak signal)  will step down
to the slower "b" rate. The Cisco card can only do "b".

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Upgrading cpus in laptops is problematic. First, you'd want to get the
latest BIOS, to increase the probability that the new cpu will be

 But laptops are thermally balanced on a wire, and usually going to a
faster cpu increases the heat, which can affect the lifetime of the
cpu, and other components.

And lastly, you're not likely to get much beyond 1 ghz. Which is where
the p3s top out at. So you're making a only a small gain there.

A side note, to upgrade the ram in that model, you have to pull the
keyboard, which is held in by a t-9 torx screw from the underside, and
4 little clips on the top edge of the keyboard, that slide downward.
The keyboard holds pretty good with just those 4 clips, so don't panic
if you lose the screw. :)

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