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Thanks to the replies, but I discovered why the CPU fan was so loud.
Yesterday, I discovered that the CPU fan was reported as the only fan
running—at 6000RPM! Usually, my PC is so quiet that I can hardly tell
that it’s on. I opened the case (while the system was running) and
tapped the exhaust fan gently, and it immediately activated. The CPU fan
slowed to normal speed seconds later, and the whole system has been cool
and quiet again ever since.

I will definitely spray some air to try to clean any invisible layers of
dust. I have an Antec Sonata, which has been the best case I’ve owned,
but the huge exhaust fan grill and Antec logos (bulleted holes) on both
sides are probably to blame for most of the dust. I just remembered that
this model has its own washable filter that should be washed monthly, so
that will probably look like a linty dryer filter by now J…Someone told
me that thin nylons can filter dust from coming into the system, so I
will seal the grills after everything is cleaned.

Is it practical to lubricate computer fans? What type of grease is

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Light oil.

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