UPDATE: Mystery Dial Up (long time "Logging on to network")

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    Thanks to everyone (especially Charlie R) who responded.  I tried glee's
procedure in part, there was no "Quick Logon"  in mine.  It didn't work.

    I used the link (see below) presented to me by Charlie R.  What really
fixed my problem,  I unchecked "Log On To Network".   WOW!  Now
I can log on in a "flash"!


From (thanks)  www.altohiway.com/cgi-bin/knowledge/147.html  :

As default, Windows 9x sets options on a Dial-Up account which aren't
actually necessary. This can often cause the "Verifying Username and
Password" to take a very long time.
The solution is to follow the below steps:
1 - Double-click My Computer
2 - Double-click Dial Up Networking
3 - Right click on the Dial Up Connection you use, and click Properties
4 - Click on the Server Types tab
5 - Uncheck 'Log On To Network', 'NetBEUI' and 'IPX/SPX Compatible'
6 - Click OK
7 - Dial up again. You should find that the logging in process is now much

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