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Hi all. I am looking to upgrade my current laptop, Panasonic CF-73, with
something new. Unfortunately, after literally looking at every review on
line I could find, and going to many different computer stores, I am very
disappointed with everything I see.

I really do not care about performance, as most of what I do on my laptop
is typing, programming, and photo editing. And, contrary to popular belief
you really do not need a dual core CPU to do any of that. Any way, I was
wondering if there is a place to find some information on upcoming laptops.  

What I am looking for is a nice looking unit that's between 4 and 5, but no
more then 5 lb. With ability to put 2 batteries in it, so I can get at
least 10 hours out of it, wide screen, and a magnesium or aluminum or
carbon body. Basically a slightly smaller copy of what I have now with a
wide screen.

My closest option right now is Fujitsu LifeBook P7120, but it's too small.
It has a very nice case, 14 hours on 2 batteries (one in the optical drive
bay), and wide screen. Basically my dream laptop would be like that but
about 20% bigger over all, so I could actually see the screen and type on
the thing.

Any ideas? Any one know of something interesting coming up that I should
wait for?


 - Bogdan

Re: Upcoming Laptops? Anything interesting?

x0054 wrote:
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There is a list of manufacturers at the bottom of this article. Have you
been through all of them ?


As the display gets bigger, you are running more backlights. That will eat
into the battery life, even if you find a machine with a low power single
core processor. And if you drop too far in performance on the processor,
you'll have regrets when photo-editing.


Re: Upcoming Laptops? Anything interesting?

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I have been working, and editing photos for websites and press for some
time now. Believe me, even the cheapest laptop now on the market can fly
through most of photoshop. But any way, that's not the point. I do not
need a large screen. Infect I was looking for something in the 12.5 to
14 inch range. As far as battery life, I can get about 5 hours,
combined, now out of my 3 year old batteries on my current cf73. I
wanted to get about 10 out of a new one. I am surprised to find that
very few manufacturers offer a secondary battery option.

Any way, I'll keep on looking. Would appreciate any recommendations.

 - Bogdan

Re: Upcoming Laptops? Anything interesting?

x0054 wrote:
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As far as beauty goes, this one takes the cake. I--myself--would put on
the pink cover.


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