Unlock the seagate with PC3000

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how unlock the seagate st94011a 2.5 with PC3000 PCI FOR WINDOWS


Re: Unlock the seagate with PC3000

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See case #2.

We are supposed to guess at which PC-3000 that YOU are asking about.
This doesn't mention "locking" (which you never bothered to explain
what YOU meant by it).  They have their own forum where you can ask.
Only their clients can access it so you will have to do the searching
and posting there yourself.

There are software-only products, like
http://www.hdd-tools.com/products/rrs .  Or you could just boot using a
DOS floppy and use debug.exe to enter the commands to the hard drive
but you would need to get Seagate's list of commands.

See http://forums.xbox-scene.com/lofiversion/index.php/t451129.html .

You could also Google:

Before reposting, read the following:

Re: Unlock the seagate with PC3000



Password protection
Whatever the cause of password protection may be, in the end you will
have to disable the password to restore
access to user data. U5, Barracuda II-V, Barracuda 7200.7, Momentus,
and U Series 7 drives hold password information
in one of the sectors occupied by Vendor track (see the table below).
To remove the password, it will be sufficient to
write zeros to two first bytes of the sector. That can be accomplished
using the "View service data objects" wizard. To
do so, select the PCHS tab and highlight the Vendor track and necessary
sector in it (see the table below), specify length
of 1 sector and write zeroes to the first two bytes. Then write the
sector back to disk. After that you will have to toggle
power supply off/on.

Family Sector number in
Vendor track
U5 5
Barracuda II 7
Barracuda III 5
Barracuda IV 5
Barracuda V 5
Barracuda 7200.7 (PATA) 6
Barracuda 7200.7 (SATA, PUMA) 6
Momentus 6
U Series 7 5

*What must be done after ?*

Re: Unlock the seagate with PC3000

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So are you saying that after removing the firmware password on the
hard disk that you still cannot read from that hard disk?  If you are
trying to hack into someone else's hard disk, maybe they used
whole-disk or partition-level encryption.  That means the MBR's
bootstrap record got replaced with a decrypting program but for which
you need to supply the password.  Without that password, you won't be
able to decrypt the contents of the partitions on the hard disk.
Besides partition encryption that uses the MBR bootstrap with
password, another protection mechanism is Vista's BitLocker scheme
that relies on a TPM chip and BIOS to help with the encryption of the
partitions and unlocking the password saved in the hard disk's
firmware or in a vendor track on the hard disk won't get around that

From the description you provided above (which was probably from the
manual), changing the 2 bytes to all zeroes is all you do.  There is
no "after".  You're done after writing zero to those 2 bytes.  Again,
the forums mentioned are more focused on this particular PC3000
product and how to replace firmware or disable passwords on hard

It looks like you have the information to remove the password stored
in the hard disk itself.  So what MORE are you looking for to get at
the contents on that hard disk?

Re: Unlock the seagate with PC3000

Thank  VanguardLH

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