Unknown error code on Zenith moterboard

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My motherboard is a Zenith ZNF3-250Gb Pro.
It displays an error code which is not listed in the user's manual.

It 's the code 02.

Does anybody know what it means ?

Re: Unknown error code on Zenith moterboard

Henri Beyle a couché sur son écran :
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The FF code is present until the middle of the windows WP splash
screen. It change then to 02.

Re: Unknown error code on Zenith moterboard

Henri Beyle wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

As near as I can tell, that is a Chaintech board. Looking in the
Chaintech manual, the POST display is on a 5 1/4" tray mounted
display device (Digidoc box).


You can download a manual from here. POST Codes are on page 154 in
Appendix A-1 of Znf3-250.rar (a PDF file when decompressed).


A "POST Code" is a progress code, indicating what the BIOS is doing
at that instant in time. "FF" is the uninitialized value for the
display device. If you see "FF" and no other activity, that means
the CPU is not executing BIOS code.

To interpret what "02" means, you'd need to know what BIOS was used.
This site has POST Code values, but my experience is, the values
actual users find on their display, are seldom documented. A BIOS
designer can add additional code values, that are not recorded
anywhere. Which makes the POST Code almost useless for detailed

http://www.bioscentral.com/ (left hand column of links)

You could look in the Award POST codes. Maybe the "AWARD Version 6.0"
at the bottom of the page are the ones. Code 02 is "Reserved", and
like most of the postings of POST symptoms, that means we cannot


The Digidoc box displays temperature, after the system is booted,
if the appropriate software is loaded to drive the Digidoc box.
The Chaintech manual states that when the OS is booted, the
display should read FF if all is well (meaning the BIOS must
write FF to it, when handing over control to the OS, as the last
value it writes to port 80). It is pretty hard for me to guess
exactly what software might be writing the 02 - it could be
the BIOS. But being a progress code, if the OS boots, the last
thing the BIOS should do is write FF. It is a good question where
the 02 is coming from.


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