Unexpected resets

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My system, when using higher graphics applications, like Browsing through
Google Earth, or some games, it unexpectevely resets... It is like it can't
take it anymore and resets....Only happens when trying higher than normal
graphics.. everyday type applications, like Office, browsing, etc, the
system is very stable.

 The system is:
MB:  MSI KT6V-LSR (MS-7021)
Processor:  Athlon XP  2100+
RAM:  512 MB  PC 3200 DDR SDRAM
Graphics:  NVIDIA Gforce Chip (MSI brand) MMX400 64MB (Latest drivers
Sound:  SB Sound Live! card
PS:  300W

My main suspect is that I may be overtaxing the Power supply and I need a
bigger one?  Or do you think it may be my Nvidia card? any other thoughts?


Re: Unexpected resets

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After watching all sorts of problems on this and other forums, I never
cease to be amazed at how people abuse their machines and expect them
to perform properly. For example, when was the last time you cleaned
the mainboard and cpu? How about the video card? How much free space
do you have on your hard drive? How much free memory do you have? When
was the last time you defragmented your disk? Etc. Ad Nauseam.

It does not take much to cause a PC to malfunction and most of the
time it's caused by simple negligence. Maybe it's a PSU but you must
check the simple things first.

There are two schools of thought on the heat susceptibility of AMD
processors. One school maintains that you can overheat them and not
hurt them. The other school maintains that you never overheat an AMD
CPU because they do fail sometimes.

There are several stress testers out there. One that is recommended a
lot here by one poster is called Prime95 Torture Test (free):


I find I can pin my Celeron D with DVD Shrink, so if you have a copy
try that. You should heat the CPU as high as reasonable and see if
that is cauing your problem.

You can monitor the PSU with Everest Home Edition (free):



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Re: Unexpected resets

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A good name-brand 300W with at least 180W (preferribly 200W)
rated combined 3V/5V power should run that system fine, even
more than what's in it.  A generic 300W on the other hand
could easily be a problem.

It is premature to conclude a power supply problem though,
you could check voltages (Preferribly with a multimeter) but
if Windows is set to "restart on error", then disable that
(Google will find details) and if any bluescreen errors show
up, write down their stop codes.

Check temps, fans, dust buildup.  If you've changed
motherboard bios settings you might change them back.
Google earth is not in 3D though, it is relatively light on
the video card so this might just be a symptom of higher CPU
load.  You might run Prime95's Torture Test to check CPU
stability including overheating and errors.

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