Unable to detect IBM HDD. Error "Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk"

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I have just bought a used Maxtor DiamondMax 80GB HDD and loaded WinXP on it
inc setting an extended partition using partition Magic. I wanted to
transfer the data on my old IBM Desktar 30.7GB HDD so decided to boot from
the old HDD and set the Maxtor to slave. All jumper setting were correct.
When booting, all went through ok and I could see all partitions on all
drives as different drive letters as well as CD:ROM and Floppy disk drives.
I manually transferred the data from one drive letter to another in Explorer
so that the data now is on the Maxtor HDD.

Once I transferred all data I wanted, I then removed the IBM HDD and set the
Maxtor to Master so it could boot on its own. All ok. I then realised I had
missed off some data so decided to then set the IBM HDD to slave and leave
the Maxtor as Master (i.e. Booting Windows from the Maxtor instead of the
IBM as per the inital data transfer). It all boots up ok but I now cannot
see the IBM HDD at all. I tried setting the IBM HDD to Master and boot on
its own but get the error messgae of "Disk Boot Failure. Insert System
Disk". I checked the BIOS and it cannot detect the IBM HDD now. I have
checked all cables and all are ok because I can boot from the Maxtor HDD
with no problems.

I have had this IBM HDD for 5 years now. Can it have failed when I finished
transfering data from one HDD to another? Will I need to recover the data
from a specialist or is there anything further I can test to get the HDD
detected at all and running as a Master or slave device?

Any help will be extremely appreciated.


Re: Unable to detect IBM HDD. Error "Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk"

Hi Steve,

 You might try the diagnostic tools provided by Maxtor:


 And if you need to do some data mining to get your files back, here
are some freeware data recovery tools:


 If your data is still unrecoverable, you might look into Nationwide
data recovery in Miami. They charge $100-$500 for recovery with no
charge if data is not recovered. It's hard to find a better deal than



Re: Unable to detect IBM HDD. Error "Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk"

Hi Steve,

This is Tony from Aurora Data Recovery.

Your own comment that professional Data recovery may be an option is
certainly a wise choice, but the deciding factor is yours alone, and is
probably based upon the value of the information. In other words, is it
easily replaceable such as net music, or is it difficult or even
impossible to replace.

The comment about astronomic charges by another contributor is highly
inaccurate, at least, as concerns our company. There are certainly many
data recovery companies motivated entirely by large profits, but not

Beware of ANY companies using terms such as "Guaranteed Cheapest",
using post boxes or mobile telephone numbers. Be equally cautious of
ANY pay in advance schemes.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
think that a hard disk crash is most unlikely, the problem is probably
rather easy to resolve; anyone telling you otherwise is trying to make
a fast buck at your expense.

Now for the advertising part: Aurora IT Systems have been in the data
recovery business for more years than I care to admit; well over 20 in
fact.  We have state of the art labs and recover data from plane
crashes, tsunami flooding, arson and deliberate sabotage. Your drive
should represent no problem at all.

I suggest that you take a look at our site:


And then either sent an email or give us a call. We are staffed every
day of the year and additionally have very generous discounts ( -50%)
for students and private users.

I hope that we can assist you


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