Tyan K8WE with dual core CPUs?

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I am thinking of building a new system based on the Tyan K8WE
motherboard, and I need some help!

Does anyone have a Tyan K8WE motherboard with dual core CPUs? If so,
does the bios see both CPUs in each socket?
Please let me know what CPUs you are using!


Re: Tyan K8WE with dual core CPUs?

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 03:29:48 +0000, Tom Brown wrote:

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Check the Tyan website, all of the motherboard makers list the CPUs that
are supported on each board.

There is one temporary issue and that would be the problem of older stock.
Older BIOS revs on many boards don't support dual cores and several people
have reported that they had to use a single core processor to flash the
BIOS to the latest rev before they could use their dual core processors.
The simple answer to this problem is to buy a CPU and motherboard as a
tested combo instead of as an individual items. There are a number of
sellers that offer things that way, MonarchComputer is one.

Re: Tyan K8WE with dual core CPUs?

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Or if not, if you purchased the motherboard from a local vendor, there
are good odds that they'd be willing to help you upgrade the BIOS
(potentially with a fee, although not necessarily if you're a good

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