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More of a grumble than a request for help, but if anyone can save me future
hassle, please feel free...

I have a Shuttle PC which I use in the Living Room. Recently needed to
reformat it and started again with WinXP. So I unplugged it and took it
through to my computer room and formatted it, put on my DVD software and a
couple of games + music etc. I have 2 problems (now resolved):

Problem 1:
When the Shuttle is plugged into my computer monitor, the screen colours are
crazy - all psychadelic and very difficult to use. I have the latest Pro
Savage drivers, so don't know what is wrong. Suspect that it is trying to
use TV settings on a normal monitor (or something like that)! No problem I
thought, I'll fix this if it is a problem in the living room and hooked up
to the TV and I continued to install drivers etc.

Then I hit the second problem...

Problem 2:
When I take my newly formatted Shuttle PC through to the living room and
plug it into the TV there is no picture - silly me, I forgot to tick the box
on the Display Properties that enables output to a TV. No problem, I
thought... I'll just take the PC back through to the other PC and plug it
into the monitor and tick the TV output box... Not allowed - don't seem to
be able to tick the TV out box unless a TV is plugged in at the time. I have
to take the Shuttle PC through and hook it up to the TV, then press the TV
out button, but I can't do that because I have no picture on the TV in the
first place, so can't find the TV out button to tick!! Sounds like a comedy
sketch, but I had to hook it up to the TV in the living room, then carry my
21" computer monitor through and plug it in at the same time, boot up using
the monitor, then tick the TV out button and lug the very heavy monitor back
through to the computer room again!!

Any suggestions on either of these?


Re: TV out...

1. Not a clue. Is it the same if you go into the bios (where drivers aren't
running) ?

2. my nvidia card has a force tv detection option in the options menus....
come to think of it, I think it detects the tv anyway if I restart with it
connected and enables it. not sure about the savage drivers....


Re: TV out...

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No all is fine during BIOS time and during boot up and on a new install of
XP (with standard vga driver). Problem is only in windows with the ProSavage
driver loaded, so it is a setting in there somewhere! I have tried various
releases of the drivers and they are all the same, so I have settled with
the latest one. The problem is not present when viewing through the TV out,
only on a monitor. I think it is linked to the fact that the card has a TV
out, but I don't know a way round it!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'll have a look for that, but don't remember seeing anything like that.
Where abouts in windows is your option to force TV detect - in the display
properties somewhere??

Re: TV out...

Quoted text here. Click to load it
 on the nVidia, it's in settings > advanced, an nvidia custom menu thing
with lots of settings.

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