Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

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I have a Packard Bell C-110 P-I 120mhz computer. At the time I just
wanted it for the hard-drive, which I put in another computer and

This old PB has *everything* that came with it, all the old software
extras, the printer, everything. So, just for grins I'd like to get it
up and running. However, when I try to reload the Win95 that came with
it - apparently a version exclusively for PB - it gets partway through
the process and bails out.

I've read that there's some kind of info partition that came on the
original factory drive that's needed to re-install the O/S. Since
that's gone, is there a way to get around this?

Yes, I know, it's an obsolete O/S on an old, slow computer and the
PB's had a terrible reputation, but I'd like to get it running again
just for grins. I did see it run one time before pulling the h/d.

Thanks for all input.

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

Hi Doc !

I would be willing to bet that you have a bad CD. It's looking for a file to
install the windows calculator, and that has nothing to do with your
computer, it's a software issue. Bad CD.

You can load any version of Win95 or 98 that you want to. You don't HAVE to
install a PB version. You will however have to track down any driver that
you many need for your PB, but that is always a lot of fun ! It's quite

Matter of fact, if you install Win98SE, it will quite likely have all the
drivers already.

Keep us posted.


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Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

If it's a bad CD, it may be impossible to copy the data where the CD is "bad",
i.e. scratched or scuffed.   But it's worth a try... Ben Myers

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Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

Hi Doc!

The thing is, the interface on the PB has a special look, as I recall
it was a room full of icons that you clicked on. I could be wrong but
I think that was a function of the special edition of Win95.

I agree, the "special" Packard Bell edition looks neat, but it is only a PB
version, not a Microsoft "special" version. Just stuff that Packard Bell
added to the mix.

If it's a bad CD, any way I could dump the contents to a folder on
another machine, and insert the needed file from another O/S disk,
then burn a new CD? I have copies of 98 & 98SE.

It's worth a shot. But it's been my experience that you will come across
other corrupted files also. It's rarely just one file that gets messed up.

I honestly don't know how you can insert files into an "install" like that.
I have only ever been successful at that when I am offered the opportunity
to "browse" for a missing or corrupted file. Then I merely insert a
different CD, let it find the file, then go back to the original when it
complains about the wrong CD in the reader.

You could "try" one of those CD fixer devices/polishes. Or try to find a PB
CD on eBay.

In the meantime, load your Win98 so you can use the machine.  :-)


Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008 10:47:02 -0800 (PST), Doc

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Unless someone has a copy of the special Packard Bell
software interface (it's just going to be an application
running on win95, not part of win95 itself), your only hope
to get that working is to copy off the files used for that.

First let's back up a bit.  When you're doing the
installation, is it doing a standard win95 installation or
is it doing more of an OEM imaging operation where it is
copying a preset configuration and/or entire drive partition
image?  I don't recall exactly what Win95 installation
process looked like but would guess a lot like the Win98

Also keep in mind that it may be possible to install
Win98/98SE and also install that Packard Bell special
interface... or maybe it's not, but in general a Win95 app
may install and work on 98, if you can locate the associated
files to install it.

Yes there is a chance you could dump the files onto another
system and add those that are missing/unreadable.  You may
need the Win95 files though (or it might be Win95OSR2, a
later version of win95?), not the 98 or SE files if you
really want Win95 on it instead of Win98.  Generally
speaking I would recommend either Win95 or Win98 modified
with "98Lite" (Google searching should find it) to make 98
take up less memory and processor time, if the system is
Pentium 133 or slower, or has less than 48MB of memory.
That is if you plan on actually using it instead of having
it running only for nostalgic reasons.

If Win95 CD is set up like Win98 was, there may be a Win95
folder on the CD which has a few setup and loader related
files then a bunch of *.cab files.  Try copying the contents
of this folder if it exists, to a folder on another system
then see what won't copy and get the corresponding files
from same version of the Win95 CD.  It's not necessarily
important to remake a new CD, if you had these files in a
folder on the drive then you can simply boot a Win95 or DOS
boot floppy on the PB system then run the setup from DOS.
It will install much faster reading the installation files
from the hard drive than if it had been reading them from
the CD.

Also keep in mind that as old as this system is, the CDROM
drive could easily be poor at reading discs today.  Perhaps
some portions of your PB CD are harder to read but maybe a
newer optical drive could still read them.  With that in
mind you might try temporarily (or permanently as a
replacement drive) putting a different optical drive in the
PB system and retrying the original installation.  That is,
if you find a different system can read all the files in a
copy operation then it seems there is still hope for the old
CD to work with a different drive in the PB.

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008 06:16:21 -0800 (PST), Doc

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I'd put the entire win95 CD's contents in a folder on the
hard drive of the intended system (if convenient, then boot
to DOS floppy) or make a CD now.  If the install still
stalls you might try disabling things in the bios until
after the install is finished, and pulling out any extra
cards installed (which shouldn't be necessary, but I'm
pretty much guessing at this point as it's been far too long
since I'd had to deal with Win95 install issues, what few
times I'd done it in past years it had worked).

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

 > I'd put the entire win95 CD's contents in a folder on the
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 I remember with my 133 using the 170369 cd there were some typo file
extension problems we fixed using the command prompt. I wish I could find
those old notes...I rememeber it was always annoying ending up at that y-
prompt ( could not simply re-boot...always had to power off and on to finish
the install)

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

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Holy smokes...I thought this thread died out a long time ago.
I wonder if the OP ever got the thing going???

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

Hope so, as an after thought I think the bad file extensions were fni where
they should have been inf.....which we changed during/after the install

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

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The CD that came with my old Packard Bell did not have that problem...
but it had it's problems all right.

It did contain a generic win95 folder on the cd...
and if one ran "setup" from within that ended up with a
standard win95 install.

However...if you ran "setup" from the root directory of the also
installed the Packard Bell Navigator...
but in such a way that it literally took hours to complete...
and there were dozens of errors that you could click past...but was very

I think the first thing the setup program did was to copy the entire CD to
the HD...
then continue the setup from there.

I did it just as a matter of curiosity.

Anyway...the PB I had was from my girlfriend...she just gave it to me when
she upgraded.

It served me very well for many years and was really a good machine.

Some time later I was also give an older Packard Bell...a 486 with a "sound
card" cdrom with win3.1

It was that machine which made me see why so many people did not like
packard bell...
it was terrible!

I tried to install win95 on it from a cd...but after about 8 hours it was
only halfway done.

I ended up installing win95 from floppies in maybe 90 minutes or so <G>

Yes...that was a terrible waste of time....

but I later tried my first install of Linux on that thing !

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

I see I asked this once before. Here's the specific issue that came

"It starts the process of loading but gets to a certain point and
gives the message "unable to load Wincalc" and asks if I want to
continue anyway, however it doesn't offer a button to cotinue, only
one to exit. "

I recall I tried this several times and always ran into the same

Re: Trying to resurrect Packard Bell C-110 Multimedia

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here is a screen shot

My first machine was also a Packard Bell P-1 75 mhz with 8 megs of ram and
an 850 meg HD.

My girlfriend gave it to me after she outgrew it...
I was with her when she bought it new. It was $1600 and I thought she had
gone completely bonkers.

I used it quite heavily for a good many years and upgraded it considerably.

I put in a 200mhz over-drive cpu...128 megs of RAM
and a 20 gig HD plus a pci_USB card after I upgraded to to win98.
also setup a dual doot with RedHat Linux.

When I retired the machine...I put it back as close to original as I

but the Packard Bell navigator was never re-installed. As a matter of gf dumped it as soon as she got the machine.

Just out of curiosty...I did install it once...
but the original cd was very odd. If you run "setup" from the root directory
of the CD...
it will install both win95 and the PB Navigator...
the the install was very dodgy and took many reboots...
many hours...and there was many files "not found"

Here is whay I'd do:

Navigate over to the win95 folder and run setup from there.

that should give you a generic win95 installation.

Once Win95 is installed...then try to add the PB Navigator if desired

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