Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case (non tinyurl links)

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OK some folks didn't like my post because i gave TinyURL links so here it is
again with full URL's (just to keep some people happy)

OK first things first I'm not O/C clockingthe machine but wanted to post in
here as i know you folks know your stuff and I'm hoping some of you can help
me out.

I have an old Antec SX-1030 a simple review can be found here but i have upgraded power supply to
there TruePower II (550w)

Now for ages it was way too noisy for my liking so I replaced the stock 80mm
fans with x4 XILENCE Red Wing 80mm as a rule I'm
very happy with the fans themselves they make a huge difference in the
general noise (or lack of) of the case but I do keep on getting an annoying
buzzing /humming sound which is a real pain in the rear end as the case is
in my living room and only 2 feet from my ears when I'm at the desk using
it, it's not there all the time it comes and goes sometimes for just a few
seconds sometimes for hours.

So i went ahead and bought some more stuff hoping it would cut the noise
down even more and more importantly get rid of this buzzing noise,  which is
coming from one of the fans in particular so I bought some of these
AcoustiFeet as
well as four of these AcoustiFan Anti-vibration Fan Gaskets in
80mm format, but my problem is still there, main reason being i was unable
to fit these gaskets to my case, if i show you some images of how and where
my fans go you might get more of an idea of what I'm getting at.

This image gives you an idea of what my case is like from side view, top
part has 4 external drive bay and in my case i have top one free one
underneath that has my standard DVD burner below that is free as well and
below that in the bottom 5.25" bay i have my main windows hard drive being
cooled by the "Antec Hard Drive Cooling System"

Below this we have a cage that has 3x3.5" drive bays (2 external and 1
internal) top bay is for my floppy (yes some of us still have them, they
till come in handy) middle bay is free and bottom one (the internal one) has
my hard drive in that is just used for items I download and hence no cooling
for that drive.

The last cage has a further 3 x 3.5" bays and all of these are internal and
have the option of fitting a fan, which i have done and I think this is the
fan that is causing all the trouble with humming and buzzing. I have tried
to find the best pics i can on the net showing how the cage is put together
and here are a few pics.

The first  image shows the cage from the rear, so you would put your drive
in here and push it forward towards the fan and the airflow would be coming
towards you in this picture, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about but I
want to make sure my post gives you all the info you need

This picture is the opposite as you look at this image it would be as if you
were looking through the front of the case, airflow would now being sucked
into the cage from this angle and hence going over the drives

This image is just the same as the first one but with a hard drive in place,
but in my case i have a drive in top and bottom slot of the cage .

Just to finish of things I have another fan in the bottom of the case under
the final 3.5" cage to improve cooling even more plus 2 fans at the rear
extracting the warm air, now given all this it would seem I have done all I
can to keep things cool and quiet except going water route and that would be
overkill for me given I'm not overclocking anything in this system.

I tried to use the 4 AcoustiFan Anti-vibration Fan Gaskets but once they
were in place my fans failed to clip into the purple holders that come with
the case, so i thought OK no problems just use the screws and screw it into
case but it seems I'm unable to do this, here's a couple of pics of the case
with front panel removed

I'm at a real loss what to do next, I was looking at one of the following
bits of kit
or lastly
but unsure if they would even work in my case.

I have tried to give as much information as possible, but if you need any
more info just ask and I'll do my best to supply it, so it's over to you lot
know what are your suggestions for trying to eliminated this annoying
buzzing/humming sound, if it would help I can even cap the noise and host it
somewhere so you get an idea of what I'm having to put up with.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Sorry it was so long.

Hopefully someone will be able to suggest something to solve the problem and
not just moan about the links.

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

Jim wrote:
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If you must use tinyurl, please also publish the original URL.  The
tinyURL will not remain accurate forever, the original will last as
long as it is maintained.  Also use of the accurate URL prevents
anyone from supplying evil links.


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Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

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So no real help then, I post tiny URL's for a reason and that reason being
longggg URL's don't always aloow folks to click on them as they get split up
and according to TinyURL there links never expire, anyway thanks Chuck.

I'll repost later with full URL's just to keep you happy.


Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

Jim wrote:
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Well, I am one of the people who never click on a tinyurl.
And always try to judge a long one .
If it looks fishy, I dont.(click)

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

Sjouke Burry wrote:
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The site has a "Preview" feature. Go to the site, like this

and click the Preview feature. Make sure it is enabled. Then go back
to the OPs link, and paste that into a browser, as in

and when you do, it won't go to the URL directly. It will display
the URL, at the top of the web page. You can examine the link
and then use your normal "trust" analysis, to decide whether
you actually want to click on the original link or not.

As far as I know, the Preview state is cookie based. If you
clear your cookie cache a lot (like I do), it means
re-enabling Preview before using any tinyurl entries.


Removing noise in a computer is difficult, and first
requires narrowing it down. For example, I had a buzz
in my case, and first thought it was a defective disk
drive. It turned out, not to be the case. Some sheet
metal near a case fan, is not riveted in place, and that
tends to resonate. That is my noise source.

Installing sound absorbing material, is a double edged
sword. On the one hand, it may attenuate some of the
noise. On the other hand, the computer case air
temperature rises when large amounts are in place.
If you wanted to maintain a constant temperature, the
larger fans required might negate the noise

Mass and stiffness help. That is why I don't buy
aluminum cases, and buy SECC steel ones. They're heavier,
and for certain kinds of noise, damp it out better. But
noise is also transmitted through the air, and not
so easy to fix.

Zalman made two cases which use heatpipes to carry heat
to the outer wall of the computer case. The site currently
only lists the smaller of the cases. You cannot put high
power hardware in a thing like this, so the emphasis would
be on lower power selections. And even though every
effort has been made to eliminate cooling fans, a fan
may still be required if the case is overheating.


Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

On Sat, 23 May 2009 00:22:15 +0100, "Jim"

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I have one, but the aluminum version.  The steel is quieter.
They are nice cases, lacking some modern features but
solidly built for their size and price (though for awhile
the Antec name kept prices artificially high).  

The one thing I dislike most about them is they were
designed during an era where 80mm fans were considered
acceptible, but then the fans needed higher RPM to move the
same amount of air.

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Those fans do look like a good low noise option, but not a
low lived option.  Their use of sleeve bearings (what they
call hydro) may be the problem, that the bearings have dried
out.  Take them out, clean the dust off, peel the sticker
off and remove the plug to put a couple drops of oil in the
bearing.  If the bearing has worn too much this will have
limited effectiveness and/or they may need to be relubed
more often, if the wear is slight they may run for a few
years before needing relubed again.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

When you first installed the quiet fans, did the system buzz
then?  If not, it is unlikely you will need to add something
new to make it quieter, only to restore it to the condition
it was in when last quiet.

It is possible the fans have worn too much, or some are
imbalanced.  We can't hear the system either so one man's
idea of too much noise may be different than another's.  

I haven't closely looked at the fan mounts in my version of
that case in a long time, but I vaguely recall they used
some kind of cage that slides into slots in the case wall.
If you put electrical tape around those case wall slots,
that should prevent movement if there is any movement
present, though if it is not the problem it might make it
fit too tight to easily remove or install the fan cages.

There is also a lever on the drive racks, it may be subject
to rattle a bit due to the hard drives or imbalanced fans.
That is another area where a piece of electrical tape, foam
tape, or slightly bending it may help.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You didn't enumerate what parts are in the system so it is
difficult to be certain whether the level of airflow is
enough, but in general that setup will cool a system fine.
You might fan a bit higher airflow fans if you have drives
in every rack slot, but otherwise it should be enough given
moderate ambient temperatures.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That picture does a good job of showing the fan bracket
mounting slots I wrote about above.  If the fans themselves
are excessively vibrating then the clearest solution is to
replace them with some that are better balanced, but try
relubing them first.  Also try putting pieces of electrical
tape on the case cutouts where the brackets slide on.

However, if you were dead set on screwing the fans to the
case, you could mark holes where you need them to be, drill
them out.  If the existing cutouts make this a problem, put
large washers on the screws before inserting them through
the holes.  A typical washer good for this would be a fender
washer at a hardware store, since it has a smaller than
average ratio of center hole to outer diameter.  However, I
don't think you'll need to go to the trouble of drilling
holes and if the fans are wearing out then they will get
worse at an accelerated rate due to the play in the bearing,
and potentially fail.   I would lube them now just to rule
that out.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Take your hand and grasp each of the various parts when you
hear the vibration, so you can hope to locate which parts
are doing it.  You won't need fancy case quieting supplies,
just some electrical tape, foam tape, bending a part of the
metal a tiny bit, or replacing a fan(s) if they are too far
worn or imbalanced.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If all else fails, start unplugging things.  Leave a fan
unplugged, next a hard drive, next two hard drives, etc.
That may or may not indicate the part itself is going bad,
it could instead indicate which case part that it's sitting
in is vibrating against the adjacent case part.

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case (non tinyurl links)

On Sun, 24 May 2009 20:42:56 +0100, "Jim"

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Generally it is better to post follow-ups to the same thread
instead of creating a new one.

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case (non tinyurl links)

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My home brew PC is almost silent when idle, mainly because the fans are all
slowed down by the Asus motherboard fan controller and the PSU is a goodie,
a Corsair HX 520W.  However, the one thing I have noticed that can cause
intermittent buzzing is my 3 (different) hard drives all spinning at 7200rpm
all the time.  Each HD is barely audible on its own but the three together
occasionally set up sympathetic resonances when they go in/out of phase with
each other.  I then concentrated on their mounting, basically I just wedged
them in a random fashion until there was silence all the time.

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case (non tinyurl links)

Jim wrote:

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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

what happens when you just run one hard drive?

I have a hard drive cooler on my pc the fan made a lot of noise so i took it
out.  The fan on the back of the case pulls air through hard drive cooler.

may hard drive cooler is a vantec vortex can be found hear .

where is the pc placed in the front room a couple layers of carpet could do
the trick.

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