Trying to create ISOs

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I am trying to create ISOs of CDs, and am having problems
copying some of the files off the disc. Errors are given that
"the parameter is incorrect" when copying certain (always the
same) files and I cannot find any information on the Web about
this problem.
This is what I have been doing:

1. Using Easy CD Creator to burn the files to a CD-RW.
2. Creating an ISO using either WinImage or Cygwin dd. Both give
me the same problems no matter which one or how many times I do
3. Burning the ISO to the disc again using Easy CD Creator.
4. Always the same files (different ones on different ISOs),
which work on the hard drive and when burned through Easy CD
Creator (Step 1), will not copy to the hard drive.

If you're curious, you can examine the ISOs here: /

(On the "Lite" distribution, the file that gives me the problem
is "vim63rt.tfd." On the "Full" distribution, the file that
gives me the problem is "vim63src.tfd." Both work on the hard
drive and when copied through Easy CD Creator (Step 1).)


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Re: Trying to create ISOs

core_ wrote:
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I don't know the source of your problem, but I can give you some
additional test data.  I downloaded the "lite" version of your iso, and
tried the following:

1) Opened the *.iso with WinRar and attempted to copy out vim63rt.tfd.

2) Burned the *.iso to a disc, then copy the contents of that disc to a
folder on my hard drive.

Both operation were successful.

I use an up-to-date Win2000 system, if that's of any import.

Re: Trying to create ISOs

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005 19:16:06 -0500 As Andoids Dreamed Of Electric

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Please don't post PGP on usenet.It doesn't work and look's naff.

Use,"Nero Info Tool",
and check that,"All" your drives are using DMA in it's Config Tab and
that your ASPI layer is correctly installed.Post results :)

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