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Re: Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

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I think I'm still in under your hour......

Have you tried the repair with all unnecessary devices disconnected, ie. -
only a kdb, mouse, 1 HD, and a video card connected ? (Then adding them in
one-by-one after.)

Just a shot in the dark.

Re: Re: Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 23:05:01 +0100 (CET), DanS

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Aw gee..I'm sorry for saying what I did.  I have no right to push you
guys into answering me on my problem.  You are voluntarily doing it
and for that I am thankful.  Actually I just wanted to say that I was
not going to do anything for a bit in the hope someone would suggest
something that would be a panacea.

Yes, as a matter of fact all my printers and other USB devices are
disconnected.  Even my Ethernet.


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Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

WHENEVER you change the motherboard that has been used with a harddrive
containing the OS, after changing the motherboard you MUST reformat the
harddrive and do a fresh installation of the OS.  Otherwise you get Registry
errors and data corruption.

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Re: Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

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Interesting...Noone told me that before.

Okay   will do

Re: Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

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Its a pig ignorant lie.

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Dont do that unless you have to.

Re: Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

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Actually, it can be done, and I have done so on at least two or more
occasions. It may be too late for you at this point, and in fact you may
have already gone the clean install route, but fwiw, here is my process for
changing motherboards. I suspect your problems, probably stemmed from the
new mb booting into your existing XP install.

Create a backup image, of my current system, to have just in case.
Backup my settings, with the file and trasfer utility in XP, again to have,
just in case.
Remove the motherboard drivers, from add/remove programs if there, and from
device manager.
Disable any start up programs that might interfere, for instance I run ATI
Tray Tools, AVG Antivirus, those I would temporarily disable from startup
through msconfig. I also make a note, of my startup items in msconfig to
have as a reference for later.
Shut down the system for the last time.
Install new motherboard.
Power up system, immediately go into bios on first boot. Do NOT let the
system boot up into XP - this is very important. Confirm bios settings, ie
hard drives recognized, date and time correct, temp ok, etc.
Insert my XP Cd rom in the drive.
Set the bios first boot device, to cd rom drive.
Exit bios saving settings to reboot.
When prompted during boot to press any key to continue booting from the cd
rom, do so.
Boot from the XP Cd, at first screen, select new install ( not the recovery
option ), on next screen, it will find your existing XP installation, choose
it, and press R for repair. ( you will be given an option to delete or
repair the existing installation).  This is basically an inplace upgrade, of
your existing XP install.
During the repair, it will reboot at some point, this time, do NOT press any
key to boot from the cd rom, let it continue to boot from the hard drive.
Once successfully repaired, install the new motherboard drivers off the cd
that came with it, or downloaded from the mfg's website.
Then, go to windows update, and get all the needed updates again.
Defrag the newly repaired XP install.
Look in device manager, verify no conflicts or problem devices.

Note: If your XP cd rom, is pre SP2, and your existing install is SP2 , then
you will need to either uninstall SP2 prior , or better yet, create a
slipstreamed XP SP2 disc. Autostreamer, is a great utility, for creating
slipstreamed XP SP2 cd's.

As mentioned, I have done this with great success. Of course, anyone's
mileage, may vary. But it is a time saver, and worst case scenario, if it
does not work, is to go ahead and do that clean install. If successful, a
repair install is much quicker, retaining your programs and settings. If
not, you have not lost a whole lot , then you can do that clean install, but
make sure you have all the cd's for your programs you'll need, and all your
data backed up to a safe place.

I will be upgrading, from an Athlon based system, to an Intel Core2 duo on
an EVGA 680i sli mb , hopefully sometime this weekend, and plan on doing it
this way as well. If I do, I will be glad to report back how it goes.

Hope this information is helpful,


Re: Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

Thought I would report back on my results, for those that may be interested.

Yesterday, I upgraded my system, from an Athlon X2 4400+ socket 939 on an
MSI K8N Neo4 Plat mb, to the following:

Intel Core2 Duo 6600
EVGA 680i SLI socket 775 mb
2gb Corsair XMS2 ddr2 pc8500 ram
Zalman 9700 NT cooler

Kept my existing:
Saphire Radeon X850XT PCIe video card
Soundblaster XFi soundcard
2 ea WD 250 gb sata hard drives

Following the process I outlined below, I was able to successfully do a
repair install, of XP Pro, retaining all my existing settings and program
files. Obviously, much faster than reformatting and doing a clean install. I
have no conflicts or problem areas showing in device manager, and
performance on this sytem is incredible.

The only very minor glitches I ran into, I had to re-activate my XP Pro
install - went over the internet just fine - and of course, download and
install all updates since SP2 ( app 70 of them ). MY AVG anti-virus,
prompted me to re-enter my registration code, which went fine.

I did take all necessary precautions, and was prepared should I have to do a
clean install., by backing up my system, creating an image on an external
usb hard drive, and backing up my settings using the File and Settings
Transfer wizard, as a just in case. I highly recommend this to anyone
attempting to do a repair install  in case things do go south.

Anyway, yes, by taking all precautions and being careful, it can be done.
The biggest thing, is to not let the new mb boot into your old XP install ,
immediately boot from the XP cd and do the repair install.

Hope this info is helpful to some,


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Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

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DONT LISTEN TO DAVEW's horse shit.

computer technician/slacker

Re: Trouble with new MOBO & CPU

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AND i got my A+ so you better listen to me. ;)


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