Trouble clamping Intel CPU fan/heatsink down tight

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I have an Intel mobo, D845PEBT2 with a Intel 2.4GHz cpu.  I bought a
new 3.06 cpu with fan to upgrade.  The fan that came with the cpu was
a generic no-name fan, that wouldn't clamp down tight, so I used the
original Intel cpu fan, keeping an eye on the temperatures, while
awaiting for the P2 Intel fan (C91249)to arrive.  When it arrived and
was installed it didn't fit tightly either. the clamps were all into
the slots correctly, but when I would flip the clamp down levers,
there was no resistance in the clamps and the fan didn't get any
tighter.  In all my messing around somehow the cpu  got burned out.

Are there different bases that need to be installed on the mobo to
accept different fans?  There certainly no mention of that being the
case in the Intel owners manual.  Looking at the 2.4 GHz fan and the
2.8Ghz and higher fan side by side there is no visible difference in
the way the clamp down to fasten.



Re: Trouble clamping Intel CPU fan/heatsink down tight wrote:
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Are the hooks engaged in the retention frame ? I had an Intel cooler
from that era, where the plastic cams applied too much force. Rather
than modify the heatsink, to fix it, I just bought an aftermarket
cooler and it fit fine.

As far as I know, the S478 processors are protected by THERMTRIP.
The motherboard should turn off the power supply, if the processor
gets too hot. That is supposed to prevent burnout.

If you have an SLxxx number (printed on the label on the box
the processor came in), perhaps I can find a datasheet for the
processor. I took a look, and don't seem to have any P4 era
datasheets on disk right now. Must have left them on another

Another thing to consider, is some Prescott (90nm) processors,
have a sensing pin that Intel added to those processors. Using
that pin, the processor can tell it is plugged into an "old"
motherboard, and the processor will not "start" if it detects
an old motherboard. Prescotts might work in something like
848/865/875 chipsets, and those chipsets may have the
appropriate provision to feed the sense pin what it is looking
for. A number of people using 90nm Celerons, got a "black screen"
when plugging that processor into their motherboard. And those
Celerons, had the sensing pin. That doesn't constitute "burnout",
it is just an incompatible combination of S478 parts.

OK, here is the Intel page. There isn't enough detail here. The
parts that work in this board, are 0.13u processors (Northwood)
and not 90nm (Prescott or later). I can tell from the contents
of the list, that the last generations of S478 processors, are
not intended for this board.

This would be a 0.13u Northwood, to fit that motherboard.
No sense pin, and no problems.

I've even seen some sneaky retailers, selling *Xeon* 3.06
processors, as if they're desktop processors. The pinout may
be different on those.

So getting an ID on the part first, would be a start.


Re: Re: Trouble clamping Intel CPU fan/heatsink down tight

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I ran this CPU with my old heat sink and it ran well for several weeks


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