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Does anyone have any contact details for TriGem?  I have an eMachines 620
sitting here with a blown PSU.  Looks like it's taken out the motherboard as
well (just repeatedly beeps in quick succession when turned on) so I need to
find a replacement.

The motherboard is a TriGem Alaska3.  I can't find any contact information
on TriGem's website.

I'm in the UK, so a local contact would be best - anyone?!

Thanks in advance,

Re: TriGem contact details

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005 12:15:44 -0000, "Red Dave"

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You did try a new, known viable PSU when you observed this
repeated-beep situation?

Do you need the exact same board for any particular reason,
for example do you have an Emachines factory installatio
image which "needs" to be restorable and viable for the
replacement board, or might it be just as well to get some
other compatible mATX board that can reuse same CPU and
memory (or even some other motherboard if you had a desire
for a CPU and/or memory change)?

THe PSU is probably a standard mATX, either mATX-L or -S,
depending on whether it mounts to the case on the (L)onger
side or the (S)horter side.  Typically a major name brand is
the best bet, more important than wattage rating as some
generics dubiously claim as much as 300W which is

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You'd have to get it from eMachines most likely, as even a
Trigem board would not have the emachines bios id string
necessary to get Restore CDs to work (presuming that is your
goal with same-board replacement).  If you don't have such a
goal to use the Restore CDs anymore, IIIRC it was an Intel
845 mATX board with integrated video and (probably) DDR
Memory so seek anything else with these specs.  

Re: TriGem contact details

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I've already replaced the PSU.  Machine failed to start with old PSU.
Tested it and it doesn't work (customer reported a "burning" smell!).
Situation is now that when the mains is turned on, the machine automatically
powers up and a repeated beep is heard from the speaker (although quite
quietly).  The machine fails to turn off except via the switch on the wall!

I'm looking for the exact same board so that the installed (and activated)
Windows XP installation will continue to work.

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Hmmm... hadn't thought about the BIOS ID string...!  Okay, looks like it's
either eMachine's contracted-out support or a.n.other board (plus new XP,
etc. etc.)

Thanks Kony.

Re: TriGem contact details

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This site claimed to have a picture of the Alaska3, but I'm not sure
the picure is correct:

Now, if you go to and search for Trigem Alaska3,
then click the one returned link, there is a picture of the PCI slot

The picture looks quite similar to the Trigem Glendale used by HP.

Now, this info is only useful, if:

1) The HP board is an exact match (and these OEMed boards are full
   of crafty substitutions, so it is hard to be sure).
2) You can buy a replacement Glendale board from HP.
3) The BIOS chip is socketed on both boards, so you can pull the ROM
   from the old board, and place it in the new board. Unless, of
   course, soldering is your forte.


Re: TriGem contact details

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Thanks!!  Looks like you've gone to great lengths, and how on earth did you
"know" that the two motherboards are similar - thanks again ;-)

But, you're right, there are plenty of ifs and buts.  The layout of the
boards is (at least a little) different and then there's the hope of the
BIOS working, etc.  At this point, I think there are a few too many
uncertainties, and since I can't get a direct replacement, any old board
with do (plus the new version of Windows XP - damn it!).


Re: TriGem contact details

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I've looked for stuff on the HP site before, and they use the
Trigem "Cognac" board for some of their stuff. I just tried searching
using the chipset part number, and the Glendale is what popped up.

If the layout is different, then all bets are off. I was just
thinking that, what are the odds that Trigem would make two different
845GL boards.

I saw an Emachines parts site when I was searching, but it didn't
have Alaska3 listed.

What really sucks, is not being able to reuse the OS that is paid for.


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