Trigem Cognac CPU Upgrade

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Hi All

HP Pavilion XE742
Trigem Cognac Mobo
Intel 810 Chipset

Original Processor Celeron 667 mhz eSpec # SL48E
67 mhz FSB

Want to upgrade to Celeron 1.4 ghz eSpec # SL64V
100 mhz FSB

Tried this combination w/ a Tualatin adapter and no~joy.

Can anyone tell me if this combo can work?

Perhaps a Poweleap Adapter?


Re: Trigem Cognac CPU Upgrade

On Wed, 06 Apr 2005 01:15:39 GMT, "Stephen"

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You don't mention what "Tualatin adapter" you have tried,
but I suspect that if it didn't work (and we assume it's
jumpered properly if it has jumpers?) then a Powerleap won't
either.  HP and Compaq boards tend to be more limiting in
CPU upgrades, though you might try upgrading the BIOS first
then retry it.  If the system has a very small power supply
(I know several Compaqs with i810 chipset and lower speed
Celerons did), you might simply have too great a load now on
the power supply.  While a Celeron 1.4GHz is a relatively
miserly CPU when it comes to power, it still uses twice as
much as the Celeron 667 it's replacing.  I'd put higher odds
on the motherboard being the problem though, that if the
bios update doesn't help then all you could do is try a
Coppermine Celeron 1.1GHz instead.

Then again, I've never tried a Powerleap adapter on that
specific motherboard... YMMV.  Frankly though, the intel
integrated video with a 100MHz memory bus is rather slow by
even modern integrated-video standards, it is a significant
limitation to system performance and might be a good reason
to seek another motherboard instead of trying to find what
will work with that board.  IE- better to upgrade the
motherboard to use the Tualatin 1.4GHz than downgrade the
CPU to use the 1.1GHz Celeron on an intel 810 board.

Re: Trigem Cognac CPU Upgrade

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The bios is the most up to date I can find, Phoenix ver 3.07

the adapter is a non powered 370 CPU Celeron III Slocket, jumpered

The documentation I have been able to find says the mobo can handle up to
1.4 ghz on a 100 mhz FSB.

I have no love for the system, but its a business computer and the only
option is to upgrade for about $60 or deal w/ 667 mhz.

Re: Trigem Cognac CPU Upgrade

On Wed, 06 Apr 2005 17:43:14 GMT, "Stephen"

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I"m not familar with this slotket (or you didn't describe it
well, one or the other).  Is there more detail you can
provide about it?   Generally a "slocket" is a term only
used on slot 1 -to- socket 370 adapters.  Is your
motherboard slot 1 or socket 370?

Is the slotket(?) specifically designated to support use of
Tualatin on non-compatible (coppermine only compatible)

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Documentation from where?
The board should've been socket 370 to have came with a
Celery 667, and with the minor pin-changes to Tualatin CPUs,
it would be documentation that was just a user report of
(whatever they did) working, but not the OEM specs, correct?

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There's a lot of info on the following 'site related to
getting Tualatins to work on older boards, you might find
something useful there (there probably IS the answer to get
it running on that 'site but determining which issue you're
facing is the harder part). /

Re: Trigem Cognac CPU Upgrade

As far as I know (I could be wrong), the max processor support on TriGem
Congac motherboards is Celeron 1.1 - FC-PGA (will not support FC-PGA2).
I didn't know HP used them to, thought they were just in older Emachines.

Anyway, I don't see why you couldn't use a powerleap kit if it's the one
I'm thinking of that essentially replaces the motherboard and you plug
your power supply into it and drives and memory in it.


Stephen wrote:
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Re: Trigem Cognac CPU Upgrade

On Fri, 08 Apr 2005 12:00:58 GMT, Timbertea

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What powerleap kit is this?  I dont' recall any for
semi-modern (Pentium 2 or newer) that did more than socket
pin adaptation and power supply functions-  no replacement
of any other motherboard functions on those AFAIK.

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