Tried RAID again

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After getting my bios chip back and checking the disable TCQ on the

Unfortunately my RAIDED system froze up so that was that and I gave
up.  Just too unreliable and I didnt feel like testing it over and
over again.

Also I was using the SATA to PATA converters since my raided disks
were PATA on the SATA controllers. One problem that kept happening is
once in a while the SATA coverters that hang off the back of the HDs
if you have been futzing around with the system or putting the cover
back on the case ---- my hard disks are installed sideways in the case
,  have a tendency of slipping off because of the mass/weight hung off
the back of the HD.  Then with only ONE raid HD working when it boots
up  WIN XP thinks theres lots of fragmented data on the HD and offers
to fix it. If it does then your data gets screwed when you reconnect
the second HD.

Anyway when I did the same thing on my old nforce2 it was quite
reliable didnt have any problems with the RAID running it for months.

I did notice a subjective improvement in performance which Im pretty
satisfied with after installing the Hiatchi 160 gig SATA HD as my
bootup HD. Im pretty satisfied with the performance just from that
without the RAID. I recommend not going with raid especially with the
nforce4 though some may have it working OK.

Im really surprised with the subjective improvement with the Hitachi.
I think if you can pick one up at a good sale price go for it. I dont
think its the SATA interface of course that makes the difference but
the old IBMs were frequently praised for having very good performance
until the fiasco with failing HDs. It seems to have much better
performance at least subjectively than the PATAs Ive been using.
I dont think ANY SATA is better  I have small SATA HD WD on my second
system and its OK but I really dont notice any difference vs the other
disks Ive been using but the Hitachi seems to smooth things out and
feels peppier at many tasks. This is all SUBJECTIVE assessments

Another thing  which may or may not be related with all the nforce4
data corruption and freezing problems Ive been having ever since
trying to upgrade to RAID 0 ---  heat and the nforce4 chip.

In general ive never thought about this since my temps have been low
on my CPU and motherboard chip. However my Chaintech comes with a
medium motherboard chip heatsink --- no fan , passive cooling. The
heatsink on my old ASUS nforce4 was larger , it was also passively

Ive read chaintech has changed the cooling to active with a fan you
can get free from them if you have one of the old VNF4s. I wrote them
and am getting one after noticing one time after massive sata
transfers when I was backing up data with the RAID and new HDs I was
using then ------ temps started jumping. I used MBM and Speedfan and
the temps hit 60 C on the nforce4 MB chip. Im wondering if this is
causing some of the data corruption and problems.  

The Hitachi also has a 3 yr warranty and while I was monitoring it
seems to run a bit hotter than the many of the other HDs Im running
---- Running 3 seages,3 WDs and 2 maxtors on two systems as well as
the Hitachi. This maybe the position of the Hitachi though as its the
one running in a 5.25 bay now.

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