Toshiba M35X-S309 Drivers Needed

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Woe is me.  Things are going badly.  I posted a query yesterday (in
this group I think)  to try get drivers for my friend's Toshiba
M35X-S309 laptop in which the hard  drive bombed, and I had to replace
it.   Naturally he had no backup.  I installed a fresh installation of
XP SP3 on the laptop.   Today,  I found that my Agent program on
another machine would not run at all, and I had to restore it from my
week old backup.  Now I find that I had to repeat  header downloads
since  last week,  which  I expected, but I don't see my post nor any
possible replies to it.  So I have to assume my post never made it. So
please excuse my possible double post.

Anyway,  I need the network driver for my friend's Toshiba M35X-S309
laptop, so that I can then find and download the other drivers (audio,
video, etc) to the laptop.  I have tried for several days to do this
through Google  on another machine and even my Driveragent there also,
but no  driver will work on the laptop.

On the laptop, Device Manager shows the following ''details' for the
'network controller':

PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4220&SUBSYS_27418086&REV_05&16793A72 (rest not

Okay - that's my story.  Can anyone point me to a source for the
driver(s)  I need?  Why does Toshiba make this so difficult?


Big Fred

Re: Toshiba M35X-S309 Drivers Needed wrote:
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I have a restoration disk for a Toshiba M35X.  I would think that would  
do what you want to do.  Are you interested in it, and is your Email  
address valid?  Lastly, where are you located?

I see a file on it that is described as "This is the driver for the  
Intel Wireless LAN controller. It is necessary for the proper function  
of the device."  Does that sound like what you need?  If so the file is  
only 800KB, I could send it to you if it is.


Re: Toshiba M35X-S309 Drivers Needed

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What was so hard ?

BTW:  The notebook can handle 2GB so definitely install 1GB (512MB isn't  
enough) and you wrote you put in a 40GB HD.  The notebook came stock with a  
60GB HD.

Multi-AV Scanning Tool -

Re: Toshiba M35X-S309 Drivers Needed

On 4/26/2013 6:41 AM, wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Finding the Toshiba download page for the drivers really wasn't that  
hard, anyway here is what you're looking for:


Roy Smith
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Monday, April 29, 2013 12:24:27 PM

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