Too many internal hardware? Power shortage? Please help

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I am suspecting that I have install too many hardware to my computer
causing power shortage!

My original computer features
Abit Motherboard
Power supply rating, Max ATX-450W
One casing fan
Pentium 4, 2.41GHz
256 RAM
Maxtor IDE HD

Later, I upgraded a few things,
Add in a DVD ROM. Now, I have one CD RW ROM and a DVD ROM
Add Graphic/video card, XFX nVidia 128MB memory
And other 512MB RAM, now, plus the old one, I have 768MB RAM in total
Change HD to WD IDE 250GB
Add in a HD fan, 5V (no sure) (power supply come from the same supply
to my 250GB HD above)
An external HD enclosure with WD IDE HD 160GB, USB

Since the external HD enclosure come with a internal power supply
cable, I plug the cable to the same power supply to my CD and DVD

Now I have 2 problems or actually, 2 questions

(1)   Whenever I use the internal power supply to start my external HD
enclosure, my 160GB HD will spin but keep getting stucked while
running. USB detection is damn slow, sometimes doesn’t even detect.
And even if I can open the G: drive, I will hear a constant ‘ticking’
sound from my external HD. But…., if I use external
power supply for the HD enclosure, (also come with an external power
plug), everything seems to work just fine.

(2)   Actually, I have another HD fan and another Seagate HD which now
I unplugged. I notice that when I plug in the second HD fan (Seagate
unplugged). My master HD, 250GB [b:1bb7f64e67]won’t run properly.
Even if it start, it prompt to reboot,[/b:1bb7f64e67] especially, if
I was playing Need for Speed- Most Wanted. (2 HD fan running, 1 HD
250GB running from a same power source.)

So my question is, [b:1bb7f64e67]Is it possible that both problems are
caused by power shortage?[/b:1bb7f64e67] It seems to me that thing
only goes wrong when I plug in too many internal power supply usage.
Notice that, on same power supply (for secondary) will have to
support my CD RW ROM, DVD ROM and internal power for my external HD
enclosure. And, another power (for primary) will have to support both
my 250GB and seagate HD and the two HD fans (4 peripherals at the same
time if I am going to use my seagate HD, problem occurred even only
with three peripherals at the same time)

Please help. I wish to build a powerful computer (not hyper yet). But
it seems that I still have too many things to learn.

Re: Too many internal hardware? Power shortage? Please help

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What is the brand of that ?

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None of that should be any problem with the exception of the video card.

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The obvious thing to do is to use the external power plug.

Whatever you have done to get the power from the CD and DVD
may well be the problem. Those Y adapters arent always that good.

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That may not have anything to do with power.

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Possible, but rather unlikely.

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Sure, but that may not actually be due to a lack of power.

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Not clear what you mean there, presumably you mean that there
are just two wired out of the power supply with molex connectors
on them for the drives etc. That can be a problem if you end up
with quite a few of those Y adapaters on each power supply output.

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Yeah, it looks likely that the problem is the Y adapters not the power supply.

Corse the power supply could be marginal too, a separate issue to its rating.

A decent power supply with more drive power lines wouldnt cost much.

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