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In a previous post I mentioned that Linux runs Skype well, but Windows does  
not run Skype on old machines. I also found that Linux based Skype could use  
my old webcam from my Xbox 360. However performance is inconsistent.

I ordered a replacement internal webcam for this old netbook PC. However,  
because of progressive obsolesce, I got a slightly smaller device. The new  
device I got expects a 4 mm. USB connector whereas the old connector is 5  
mm. If I could get a 5 mm female USB connector I could solder its conductors  
to a 4 mm male USB connector.

Does anybody here know about tiny parts? Trust me I have Googled. I have  
emailed potential suppliers but such parts are real cheap. I just need a  
link to a website so I can order parts. Thanks.


Re: tiny usb connectors

Norm X wrote:
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Depends what country you're in, as to where to buy.

You want to avoid border crossings if possible.

In the US of A, you might use Digikey or Mouser.

In Canadar, you might try Newark.ca



In the UK, maybe Maplin ? Not sure.


Take a look through this article, until you find
the proper name for the connector.


Some stores have a minimum purchase, so you can
buy yourself a hundred LEDs to fill out the order :-)
Just in time for Christmas lights.


Re: tiny usb connectors

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The problem is that the smallest consumer style USB connector is "micro",
6.85 mm. and might be found in a cell phone. What I want is 4 mm. inside the
bezel of a netbook. I guess the only solution is cannibalism. I used to
maintain my used cars using cannibalism.

Re: tiny usb connectors

Norm X wrote:
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Is the connector like this ?


( http://www.element14.com/community/thread/9685/l/laptop-webcam-to-usb )

Some of the laptop webcams use an adapter cable, to connect the camera in the panel
area, to the motherboard in the base. The connector on those doesn't appear to be
"USB" in nature. Just a 1xN JEIDA connector of some sort. I was looking on Ebay,
and there were a ton of cables that were probably all coming from the same seller.
Like everyone goes around losing that cable or something.

What you could consider doing, is locate the appropriate adapter cable for
your laptop on Ebay. When the cable arrives, chop the head off it and work
with the bare wires, on the end for which you have no connector at present.
Then, solder the wires into place.

I did something like this on a failed ATI9800 video card. The connector burned
on the AGP video card (connector on end of card for AUX power input). Since I didn't
have the right connector, I chopped up a Molex Y cable, and soldered the cable
right to the PCB. Worked fine. The load through two of the wires in that
case, is slightly over 5 amps.

In the above article, the connectors have more than five pins. Just make note
of the order of the colors, before chopping the head off the cable, and
solder the cable into place in the same order. And hope the wire inside the
cable, isn't something goofy that won't solder.

I hope that camera is worth the effort. The webcam in my laptop,
is only suitable as a tiny doorstop. I wouldn't consider shooting
pictures of anything with it. On some laptops (like mine), the webcam
is "just a subassembly to plug that hole up top". It's not really
intended to be used by humans.


Re: tiny usb connectors

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Sounds good Paul. That is good picture. The original internal webcam had a 5  
mm USB. The replacement I got has a 4 mm USB. Software told me it was on the  
USB chain. I'll see if I can track down parts as you suggest. eBay vendors  
will ship parts worth pennies.

The internal webcam is for selfie videos of the type used in Skype. Skype no  
longer works on my Windows because of bloatware effects but there is a lean  
equivalent. Google phone has a video mode but Google has bad service.

I have been using Skype on Kali Debian Linux. Linux Skype is lean. My Xbox  
360 webcam works with Linux Skype. The picture is tiny but there is  
illumination. However, it is hard to direct the camera at my face. In  
addition, my friends with Skype on iPhone no longer use video because of  
costs. Old age sucks because of the poverty.  

Re: tiny usb connectors

On 11/1/2014 3:57 PM, Norm X wrote:
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I've read your post a few times and still don't understand what sort of  
connector you are looking for. An _internal_ webcam which uses a _4 mm USB_  
connector. That does not compute. How about posting a good detailed picture  
of what you have and perhaps I can tell you where to start looking. I've  
always found that Sparkfun.com is a good place to seek weird little  
connectors but...

Re: tiny usb connectors

"John McGaw"  wrote > On 11/1/2014 3:57 PM, Norm X wrote:

<snippage for the sake of my server>

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Paul posted a good picture. Thanks for the link.

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