Ti4200 not working with nVidia driver

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I bought a GeForce4 Ti4200/64MB second-hand from an online auction last
year and my kids have been using it ever since. The model # is 8870
which I believe to be an MSI product. I'm selling the whole computer
and since the new owner, a novice with computers, wants a bigger HDD, I
have to install everything for him.

I've misplaced the driver CD supplied by the person I bought the card
from, so I installed the nVidia driver 56.72 that I had close at hand.
It works for non-demanding graphics such as Windows Explorer and word
processing, but crashes when loading games. It also fails to complete
DirectDraw in DirectX (8.1, 9, 9b). Same thing with driver v60.85.

Looking back, IIRC, I think I had the same problem when I first
received the card, and it worked properly only with the driver CD that
came with it. That must have been a very old version of Detonator, but
upgrading to newer versions caused no problem.

I finally managed to get things running after I found a Ghost file I
made earlier with everything already installed. But this solution is
not wholly satisfactory.

I thought all gfx cards based on nVidia GPUs were supposed to work with
their unified drivers. Am I wrong ? I'll be grateful for any pointers.

Re: Ti4200 not working with nVidia driver

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They are supposed to work with the latest drivers., and in
my experience they do.
You can, however, download earlier versions from nVidia.

Re: Ti4200 not working with nVidia driver

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I recently sold my Ti4200 but it worked flawlessly with all the 4x.xx 5x.xx
and 6x.xx drivers under DirectX 9.0c.
Uninstall your drivers using drivercleaner (google for it)
then reinstall DirectX and the latest from Nvidia. Installing up-to-date
motherboard drivers including the AGP driver
is also important on some boards like VIA chipset boards.

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