The variable bit cpu

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I think I might have just invented the variable bit cpu :)

It works simply like this:

Each "data bit" has a "meta data bit".

The meta data bit describes if the bit is the ending bit of a possibly large

The meta bits together form a sort of bit mask or bit pattern.

For example the idea is best seen when putting the data bits
and meta bits below each other.

data bits:  01110101110101101010101
meta bits: 00000000100010001100001

In reality the data bit and meta bit are grouped together as a single entity
which can be read into the cpu since otherwise the cpu would not know where
to start reading the data or meta bits. Now it simplies start with the first
data + meta bit pair.

Because a cpu might need to know the length of the bit field up front the
cpu/algorithm works simply as follows:

The cpu starts reading data and meta bits until it reaches a meta bit of 1.

All bits that form the variable bit field are now read and can be used etc.

The above example then looks like this:

data bits:  011101011#1010#1101#0#10101
meta bits: 000000001#0001#0001#1#00001

(The # sign is too indicate to you where the variable bit fields are.)

Notice how even single bit fields are possible.

The reason for the variable bit cpu with variable bit software is too save
costs and to make computers/software even more powerfull and usefull ;)

For example:

Currently fixed bitsoftware has to be re-written or modified, re-compiled,
re-documented, re-distributed, re-installed, re-configured when it's fixed
bit limit is reached and has to be increased for example from 32 bit to 64
bit etc.

Example are windows xp 32 to 64 bit, the internet IPv4 to IPv6.


Re: The variable bit cpu

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So, every byte takes up two bytes of memory ?. Sounds good.

Re: The variable bit cpu

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The original encoding is efficient up to 6 bits.

This new encoding would be better for more than 6 bits ;)

type field + type marker + length field + length marker + data

type field indicates which encoding was used.

For example:

1 bit           1 bit                 20 bits      + 20 bits + 1 milion bits
of data

In this case only 42 bits overhead for 1 million bits of data ;)


Re: The variable bit cpu

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And every memory read now has to read twice as much information. I see the
logic, but whilst it might save a little memory, it will increase read and
write times and slow the PC down. Given the low price of RAM and the high
demand for performance, I don't think this method would work!

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