The System Halts During Resume From Standby

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I am running Windows XP pro SP2. My computer freezes during resume
from standby and I receive blue screen with stop: 0x000000f4.

According to Microsoft KB 330100
(;en-us;330100), I
need to do one of the following:
Configure my Disk drive as Master only.
- or -
Connect another device as a Master, such as another disk drive or

Recently I changed my configuration from IDE drives to SATA drives (2
raptors in RAID-0, and one more, 250GB for storage) I used Pacific
Digital Talon controller. On the BIOS first screen I am getting no
IDE drives (master or slave) detected. Which is, as far as I
understand, what should be. So probably there is no way to have
master slave thing since again it's SATA conection. (Let me know if I
am wrong.)

Now second opportunity. I don't understand what it means another
device as a master. Does it mean to unplug the internal DVD burner
where it's pluged and plug it wher my IDE hard drive was pluged

Does anyone have an idea about it?


Re: The System Halts During Resume From Standby

Well I assume no one have the problem similar to mine...  Or the
question is too complicated...
Thanks for reading, anyway...

If the microsoft explanation is too complicated for everyone, may be
you have your own suggestion.

Thanks again.

Re: The System Halts During Resume From Standby

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 01:19:06 +0000, (Frvpsvz) wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Has nothing to do with too complicated, you just went off on
a tangent instead of expecting Microsoft to know... if it
was a clear solution they'd "hopefully" have fixed it by

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You can't take a _common_ error code, go to Microsoft and
think "aha, I now know what it is".  Multiple problems can
cause same code.  For example,

What you linked previously isn't even the right stop code,
as it was "0x0000007a" (0x7a) not (0xf4).

In situations such as yours the best things to try are
updating the motherboard bios and all device drivers

Since you didn't even tell us about your hardware and it IS
a hardware newsgroup, perhaps you feel it is software only
and as such should be handled in a software (perhaps WinXP?)
oriented newsgroup... but you might try newer bios and
drivers before asking in those groups as you may expedite
things by being able to tell them you've done that much

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