The GeForce 7900GS is Nvidia's New Mid-Range

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Sweet, TH's got a test card of the new Nvidia set to release today, so
if anyone is wondering about its performance there are benchmarks
available already.

"These cards are being introduced between $200 and $250, which brings
the competition with the ATI Radeon X1800GTO to a whole new level."

Re: The GeForce 7900GS is Nvidia's New Mid-Range

I have the BFG GF7900GTO. So far in all my testing, that is
the only card that is capable of maxing out Far Cry and loading
up THE BIG FROG in the Steam level. All of the other cards
I have tested barely display any of the frogs at all. With my
7900GTO, I quickly counted about a dozen frogs hopping
along the path to the Steam Plant. I binoc'd the BIG FROG,
and he sat there and let me look at him for a while.  And for
the first time, I saw ripples in the pond when they jumped in.
3DMark, blah, blah, blah ... lets see some FROGS with
the 7900GS.


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