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Hi guys,

I am a 35 y.o. lawyer and I LOVE  gaming (yep, I admit it, must be the
child in me) Because of my job I must travel almost every week
therefore I don't want to play at home since I want to spend that time
with my wife and kids and that is why I need the ultimate gaming

I know that you guys are asked this question a zillions times a year
and I took the time to read almost all of these answers.  However I
will buy my new laptop in the next few weeks and I need the latest
advice as technology seems to change monthly in that field.  Also, most
forum questions includes either budget, size or power limitation.

So I want the best Gaming Laptop, period

-Power is not a problem since I will always play in hotel room, I don't
care about battery life;

-Budget is not a problem but still, I would like to stay around

-Size is not a problem since I do hiking and I'm used to haul stuff
around in a backpack but if it's possible I would avoid the 19 inch
laptops because you need ridicule backpack to move them and I travel by
plane and want to keep the laptop with me in the plane;

-I change my computer every 3 or 4 years so it has to be able to last
the longer possible for the upcoming games even if I know it's
impossible, so you have to foresee what these games will demands;

In fact I know that you will tell me to buy an Alienware or so and I've
read all of the description of Alienware, Hypersonic, Sager,
Cyberpower, Eurocom, Widow PC, Ibuypower, Pro Star and Dell, but not
Voodoo as they seems to cost over 10,000$... (See I made my homework
before bothering you guys) Most of these system would respect my budget
limitation but I still don't know which is the best.

-CPU questions; what is the best CPU for Gaming? AMD or Pentium, and if
so, is it the dual-core technologie? the Dell XPS is powered by a Intel

-What is the best Video Card?

-What is the best configuration for video card? Dual SLI Cards or
single more powerfull cards?(is dual 256 MB SLI cards are better than
one powerfull 512MB card?)

Of course I will take two gigs of RAM and a Hard Disk with a speed over
7200RPM (Should I take a RAID configuration?) and the screen choices I
can handle so my more important questions are really about the
different CPU comparaison and the Video card choices

Thank you very much for your collaboration, I appreciate your help a
lot since I don't know a lot about computer and I can't seems to trust
the sellers advice as their products is always the best...

Also, excuse any text errors as my first language is french

Yours Truly


Re: The Best Gaming Laptop, period!

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Here is an example of a laptop with SLI video (meaning two video cards
working in tandem). About $4500.

In terms of compute power, Alienware also has a unit with Core2 Duo
processor in it, and that processor could be more powerful than the
Turion in the $4500 unit. But the video is a bit weaker, being a
single card.

The outer finish on these units is a bit tacky to say the least. I
would give them a call and see if a plain finish option is
available. Personally, I could certainly live without the
Superman logo on their special edition product.

This unit is a little more tastefully finished, and has SLI video
as well.


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