testing hardware in a machine

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I've recently had some problems with a machine of mine. I ran memtest86 and
discovered that I had a faulty memory module. Now, I wonder if there are any
other applications that could be used to test other hardware components for
malfunction and errors.
Are there?


Re: testing hardware in a machine

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Yes, some use microscope for that. Its outrageously
expensive tho so isnt warranted for a single PC.

And usually isnt warranted with individual PCs either.

Re: testing hardware in a machine


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have a look at montoring software for HDD's, like activeSmart.
google with S.M.A.R.T.
S.M.A.R.T. is supposed to be preventive. Which would be ideal for
other PC components...
WOW ! A PC that says: "I will self-destruct in 2 days !" (In speech,
ofcourse !)

Seems to me, that most diagnostic programs only show you how WELL your
system is running (compared to a $10.000 reference machine, which
again may leave you with the nagging feeling you did not make the best

Problem sometines is, that is a component is defective, the comp won't
work (boot)  anymore, and so the software is useless.

What is usually done first then is swap (PCI) boards, CPU's memory
modules and see what happens.

Which always gives me a knot-in-the-stomach-feeling, because the new
board might blow up like the old one...
So never throw away old, but functioning boards/components...

Re: testing hardware in a machine

I recommend either Hiren's BootCD or Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD). Both of
them contain a compilation of about 100 testing and diagnostic
utilities for memory, HDD's, etc. Hiren's BootCD is available on almost
any torrent tracker, and UBCD is available as a free download (iso) or
mail-order CD from http://www.ultimatebootcd.com /

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