Testing AMD 3200 64 with 9600 Pro flashed to XT and DOOM 3

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My main system is being RMAs so I have to use this one so I thought Id
test it. Tried DOOM 3.

One thing I noticed if you push resoiution to 1024 x 768 and not
800x600 the jaggies are greatly diminished even without any AA. At
800x600 there are seriously distracting jaggies without AA.

The thing is overall it works OK. Way better than when I used the
9600XT + 1600 AMD (ha) obviously. The 3200 AMD makes a huge
difference. It was struggling at 800x600 barely making it.

Now it works OK but not as smooth obviously as with my 7800GT and 3800

However theres a bit of sluggishness all around though standable.
Having tweaked it yet dont even know if there are any. However when I
get to the scene where all heck breaks loose it totally freezes. Not
sure if its the card or HD/memory or what. Just going by the top of my
head  would make me believe its the card. Not sure if thats really the
cause though.

You see the demons flying around and one of the workers there about to
be possesed and you have your gun ready and FREEZE . It just stops for
a few seconds as if its loading up. I only 512 megs now too. I might
bother trying to install another stick of 512 to make it 1 gig to see
if it makes any difference.

If this is intermiitent throughout the game and its the video card and
unfixable I would say a 9600XT just doesnt work well with the new
games unless its way down to 640x480 or 800x600 which results in
horrible jaggies.


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