Tester for surround sound

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Something's wrong somewhere in my machine's sound setup - Creative
Audigy + Inspire 5300 5.1 speakers.

The Creative Surround Mixer>Speakers>Test shows loud volume from the two
front speaker and very low volume from the other 3 satellites.

Is there any other Windows software that I can download to test the
speakers out?


Re: Tester for surround sound

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Don't know of any test software, but do you have a balance or F/R
shift/slider in the software or on the speakers?

You could always open up a game and see how balanced the sound is. In fact,
can't you just play a music file and see where the centre of the sound
'appears' to be?

Re: Tester for surround sound

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 01:09:51 +0100, Derek Baker

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What test would you do, since there IS sound?

If you can get get a source (app) to play what is supposed
to be equal volume reference tone through all channels, you
can measure it with a multimeter in AC mode (L/R to GND).

What is your amplificiation arrangement?  Have you tried
plugging the L/R front speaker-amp into the L/R rear to see
if the volume is still low?  Point being, some elimination
of variables may be needed - or if you have done this
already, some additional elaboration of your troubleshooting
steps thus far may be needed.

Re: Tester for surround sound

* kony:
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Actually I could make sure the cables were plugged in properly :)


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